Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sugar and Everything Nice

Many parents are concerned about the amount of sugar their kids ingest. At a year old though my kids haven't had much by way of sugar. Sodium, now that's another frustrating matter entirely, but I digress.

I was thrilled to find Cherrybrook Kitchens makes a cake and frosting mix that doesn't contain soy and we substituted butter flavored Crisco for margin (which by the way does have milk in it and I've never been able to find this "dairy free" margerine the boxes talk about - even at Whole Foods). Husband even checked to make sure that "butter flavor" mentioned in the Crisco doesn't have dairy - according to the Interwebs people have called and the company says it does not.

At their birthday party the kids had their very first cupcakes complete with frosting. I admit the cupcakes were sort of "oily" but hey, when you are dealing with allergies you do what you can. They both loved the treats! Think of the calories that Penny ingested! By the way, Husband was annoyed because I didn't give him advance warning and he didn't record the candle blowing out or birthday song. Next year, kids!

Speaking of allergies, I think I forgot to mention that Penny's skin tests were inconclusive - including the histamine control which is supposed to react - so we had to do blood tests. She tested "positive" for allergy to chicken, beef, peas and peanuts. Rice, eggs, potatoes and wheat are okay, thank goodness. We are keeping her off turkey too since that is often hand-in-hand (beak-in-beak?) with chicken allergies. Soy and milk were negative but they want us to keep her off those anyway - apparently all allergy testing that shows a negative result isn't conclusive. We have more tests in her future since they only tested for 11 items.

I bribed Ned at Whole Foods today with a cookie - worked like a charm. It was organic so that's good, right? Heee!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ned and Penny! Very creative ingredient substitutions, Mommy Esq. :) You should come up with a recipe book for Moms of kids with food allergies- looks like the cupcakes were a huge hit!

Rhonda said...

So glad you were able to come up with substitions so your kiddos could enjoy their traditional first birthday cake.

For future reference, Fleischmann’s Unsalted Margarine is dairy free. It is certified parve in Kosher cooking, which means it is guaranteed to be meat and dairy free. Only the unsalted variety. The salted variety contains dairy.

What A Card said...

Wow, it looks like they are very much enjoying those cupcakes. Happy Birthday to your lil' ones :)

Nicole S. said...

On the bright side, Penny won't be one of those kids who will only eat chicken nuggets until she is 10 years old, like my brother. That's something, right??

Twincerely,Olga said...

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