Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where is My 80s Teen Movie Music Montage?

I love teeny-bopper movies. And no movie is complete without the music montage that shows the heroine (or hero) making efforts to succeed, all set to inspirational music. When I get a little worn down by the effort of "figuring life out" I wish I had a musical montage to step in and show me the way. The song choice is different from my "theme" song. Currently I'm thinking "Eye of the Tiger". What would your musical montage song choice be?

Ned and Penny went to their friend Harry's first birthday this past weekend at a park. Harry's wagon was a big hit - although Penny was a bit unsure when both Harry and Ned decided to push her. Don't they look adorable in their fleece jackets my mom got them at LL Bean?


Gretchen said...

Looks like a wagon purchase may be in your future? Hang in there!

LauraC said...

I DO have inspirational music. I listen to it when I am running and now that I have Nike+, I use a song as a "power song" that I hit when I don't feel like running anymore.

For some reason, Canned Heat is always inspiring to me. It's the song in the Napoleon Dynamite dance sequence and it always inspires me to take changes, laugh at the situation, and do what makes my heart sing. Plus the lyrics crack me up (you know this boogie is for real) and I want to dance like ND.

Someone got us the Radio Flyer wooden wagon and it was a short-lived present. It was SO HEAVY to pull both kids and there was no way to buckle them in. We gave it away and got a lightweight plastic one instead with seat belts.

Jen said...

I hope Ned & Penny are doing well, and I love the fleece jackets! lately I've been making little movies of my twins and putting music behind them just for fun - it's hard work picking out the songs!