Thursday, November 5, 2009

Example of The Juggle

I mentioned that I'm on a deal based out of London and also much busier than I have been since returning to work. This is taking the Esq. Juggle to a whole new level. Today Husband and I were discussing arrangements for next week - to fit in kids' doctors appointment, a nanny doctor appoint (I think she's had to leave work early only 4 times since she's started working for us) and bedtime coverage. All kids' doctors visits and early release days for April are in both our Outlooks to keep track but sometimes you have to plan ahead when it will be a busy week. More on Penny to come since as you can see she has a sleep schedule (still needs O2) and another endoscopy (still not much weight gain) planned.

From: Husband
Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2009 10:36 AM
To: Mommy, Esq
Subject: Re:

Monday: nothing special
Tuesday: I come home early to cover for April’s doctor appt.
Wednesday: I work from home or come home by noon for kids’ flu shots, then work from home in afternoon, then take Penny to MEEI for sleep study. You’ll relieve April (late?)
Thursday: I’m at MGH with Penny. You cover morning; I should be back for evening assuming all goes well. After bedtime, I have to drive to client in CT.
Friday: [You cover morning.] I’m in CT until early afternoon; should be able to make it back for bedtime…but better if you can cover just in case.

Clearly most of The Juggle next week belongs to Husband but it will come around again soon!


Britta said...

My husband and I do this at least half of the weeks - send emails just to confirm who's doing what (our Outlook also says if anything is different from the 'usual' schedule). You get used to it. Some weeks are crazy, but other times you'll have weeks at a time when things aren't bad. And, I have learned to be okay with the occassional weeks when my husband is doing *all* day-care dropoffs AND pick ups. It evens out; kinda.

Stacey said...

Can I just say how lucky you are to have your nanny? She comes early and stays late if needed and isn't flaky like so many other horror stories you hear about nannies...that must really help with the juggle!