Monday, November 9, 2009

Hi, Mommy!

TO: Mommy, Esq.
FROM: Edmund and Penelope
DATE: 9 November 2009
RE: Weekend with Daddy

Despite expectations to the contrary, all is well at home. We miss you, but Daddy did fine on his own. He let us have tasty cinnamony sugar twists for a snack--in our playroom! While we were still wearing jammies at 3 in the afternoon!

This had certain unfortunate consequences, viz., a substantial mess of crumbs and spilled milk and formula. Also, Penny briefly turned into a zombie and tried to eat Daddy's brains. Sweet, sweet, cinnamony braaaaaains. (She got better.)

Later, after a trip to Home Depot (still in jammies!), we ate dinner. Penelope enjoyed her pork sauerbraten, and especially her couscous. It stuck to her ribs. And arms, and hands, and face, and hair, and the wall.

We will continue to report back periodically during your trip. Make sure you get out to see London; we hear the Indian food is excellent. Perhaps Daddy can give us some now that he won't have to deal with the curry-filled diapers. Cheerio!


T. said...

Cute cute!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! Such eclectic appetites! Am sure Mommyesq. is delighted that you are expanding their food horizons. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! I learned a LONG TIME AGO....Daddy's do it differently than mommys, but always with LOVE! Cheers!

H said...

love the pajamas all day- wish i was in mine now!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Dear Tykes,

I'm glad you are training your Daddy so well. Your Mommy would insist on clothes and snacks in your highchairs. I miss you both (and Daddy too)!

Love, Mommy, Esq.

Chris said...

Sounds like a great day! Now that we are homeowners, Kiera is becoming a regular customer at Home Depot - such a fun store! She misses Ned and Penny and sends her love all the way from, sigh, New York.