Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lately I've been having to give myself quite a few "pep talks" to do things that my natural lazy tendency is rebelling against.

This morning was typical. I heard Ned some time after 5 am (stupid time change didn't go as well as previously declared). Around 6 am I was having the following conversation: "Cute Ned noises. He must be hungry. Must go get bottles. Get out of bed. Come on, get your butt out of bed, what are you going to do, starve your children? Ned is saying "Dadadada" - will Husband take the hint? Get your lazy butt out of bed!". [And finally out of bed to feed the kids after Husband did go get the bottles (he went back to bed).]

Then in the building garage after sitting in too much traffic: "Maybe I'll just shut my eyes for a minute. Ugh, I'm sure there are a million things I can be doing in the office. I can get through the day. Sure, I have no idea when this deal is going to explode but I'll survive it. What if I just stayed in the car all day? Open the door and get out of the car!"

I think my other self has something to say about my decision to blog instead of work but I plan on shutting her up with some lunch in about 10 minutes.

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Lisa said...

I think your too hard on yourself about reverting to your "lazy tendencies." It sounds like you're overworked and overtired and just need some time off. If pep talks get you through that's a good thing. Unfortunately, my solution is usually getting mad at hubby and nanny, which I have to talk myself out of.