Thursday, December 10, 2009

Overcoming Writers Block

I've been terrible about posting the last couple of months. I could blame my job but I spend plenty of time vegging on the couch - without my laptop. Lack of photos has been a contributing factor. Ned and Penny 15 months aren't quite a photogenic as Ned and Penny 7 months (evidence of previous cuteness below).

In an attempt to overcome my writers block I will write about a few new kid "tricks".

Penny: She likes to use a spoon and a fork - technique is still evolving of course. Often she'll pick up some food, break off a small piece, put that part on the tray table and eat the rest. Not sure what she spots in there!

Ned: He still enjoys sitting and flipping through books and has learned to push buttons, turn knobs and climb on couches. He will spin around in a circle when he is happy.

Both kids: Jealousy and competition have starting to appear. Both want to be on top of the climber and whine about it but sometimes Penny will let Ned be up there and they will laugh at each other through the window openings. If Penny is in my lap (she has started climbing in all the time), then Ned will insist on coming over for a hug... and to push Penny out of the way. There seems to be more whining/grabbing toys, books, sippy cups out of the other kid's hands.

Any advice on how to handle the green-eyed monster?


LauraC said...

Redirecting is really the best thing to do at this age. Over time, our rule became if no one is complaining, then we don't interfere. Unfortunately Nate does a lot of complaining. HA!

Our day care also started time outs (mostly with Alex) at 13 months if redirection did not work so we did the same. We would sit them in our lap for a minute to get them distracted.

Around 18 months we moved to real time outs but by then, it was full blown WWE smackdowns.

Momma said...

I started time outs at 18 mos for biting (just wait till yours start with THAT, if they haven't already). I take the toy away if they're fighting over it (and don't resolve it on their own) or if they're knocking each other over the head with it. It seems to work - a tantrum ensues of course, but I just explain "No (hitting, etc)" and let them go until they're done.