Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pregnant Pauses

Tomorrow Husband and I go in for my "big" ultrasound - the one where they measure every body part and you can elect to find out the sex of your baby(ies). Heck, yeah we are finding out! Any guesses? Here are some possible indicators:

- Lots of dreams/nightmares. Nothing I can recall in particular but none involve children/little animals or anything like that.
- First trimester I felt like I was way more tired than last pregnancy.
- Terrible skin. Worse then when I was in high school. This was not a symptom when I carried the twins (see how I called them the twins, it's creeping in my vocabulary!).
- Hair continues to fall out - no shiny pretty hair for me (but I seem to recall it was only pretty in the third trimester last time). I read that girl babies "suck the beauty" out of you.
- No other symptoms other than dislike of chicken and foot cramps, the latter of which I had forgotten how much I suffered last time. I can still sleep on my stomach but am showing a ton (more on that below).
- We call the baby Spyder. I don't quite recall why that started but there you have it.

I also have to do a gestational diabetes test - if I pass this time I still have to do another in the third trimester. Fingers crossed that I am not inflicted this time because I optimistically threw away my monitor after Ned and Penny were born. Husband asked last night what this kid was going to be allergic to - I shuddered and said, this child had better eat well!

I will be posting a few kid pictures although 90+% of my photos in the last two months are terrible - even with getting a new camera for Christmas. I also have a post in mind about what I vow will be different after Spyder is born.

In the meantime let me related a funny work story:

Last week was my review. I meet with a member of our governing committee after they all get together to discuss the senior associates. I sit down in front of Partner X who is in his 50s with two college kids.

He says "Hello, how are you? It looks like you are expecting?"

WTF? I mean I know I'm showing some and I had to give up on regular pants about 3-4 weeks ago but really, do you say that to someone when it isn't obvious that they might give birth on your office floor?

Of course I said I was and after someone else made an unsolicted pregnancy comment said I decided I needed to tell my department head. He's out this week. I can just imagine all the whispers at our department lunch next week if I don't have a chance to tell him. I bet they wish they could institute a policy like the army on pregnancies.


Stacey said...

I hope it's another little girl cousin for Cameron. And of course that would mean I would ship you all of Cameron's old clothes!

Husband said...

I don't remember the exact genesis of the name Spyder either, but the gist of it was that we wanted a seriously bad-ass name. A name like someone who shivs you in prison would have.

A. said...

Dude, I told you that you couldn't make it until New Years before telling people at work - I think you should have spilled it after Thanksgiving.
Spyder makes me think of the Neil Gaiman book The Anansi Boys - you should read it to the little one in utero. And you better call me as soon as your appt is over! As the eldest sister I claim right of first knowledge!

Jordan said...

You need to leave the name as Spyder regardless of the gender. I'm thinking this one is a boy though.

Drew said...

No one should EVER, EVER say are you expecting. Even if you are 9 months pregnant with 5, and on your way to the hospital. NEVER. Who is this guy? I bet you one of my former donors. But this is all besides the point...

YOU ARE PREGGERS? CONGRATS! That is so exciting! I cannot even imagine... Though we think about just doing it all in one fell swoop. But alas. Hmm. But that is for my blog.

Anyway. Did you have morning (evening, all the time) sickness? Everyone I know who had it had boys. And who didn't had girls. But that is just my small circle.

How are you going to find out? Right there at the appt? Envelope and open it at midnight new years? (we are wacky envelope people). CONGRATS!

H said...

I was wondering if the spelling of Spyder reflected an antique Italian sportscar?

I would like a call or text, too please! 'Cause I don't believe the Esqs are envelope people....

Oh and Spyder will be allergic to peanuts, or milk....or nothing and be such a pudge that we will renickname them "butterball"

Heather said...

Good luck at the big ultrasound! I'm guessing a girl.

Nicole said...

I'm so excited to hear the gender!! I've been thinking about you, and am very curious what the department's reaction is going to be. We need to catch up, by the way! Maybe a playdate after New Years : )

Shelley said...

I can't wait to hear about the ultrasound!

We're 2 1/2 weeks in with #3 and so far so good. You're gonna love it! It is PURE CHAOS, but very different from the newborn phase with twins. The toddlers create the chaos.....the baby is a piece of cake! Less juggling babies and more just holding and enjoying him/her.

I know what you mean about using the word "twins". I've never called Gavin and Emery "the twins" until recently and it makes me cringe every time I do it.

Good luck at the ultrasound! I'm guessing it's a boy! :-)

Chris said...

I'm guessing a girl. What's the answer? I'm dying to know!!