Monday, January 18, 2010

Loot for the Little Ones

I stuck to my decision not to buy many Christmas presents for Ned and Penny but they were spoiled rotten by family and friends anyway.

Particular favorites include:

Rocking Horse from Aunt Rachel and Uncle Shane. Ned is very close to being able to get himself on and off the horse by himself. Once he is on he makes it rock (and looks at himself in the mirror or window - he apparently thinks he is a sexy cowboy).

Ball popper. I had to get one after Amalah and Jane raved about them. Auntie Allie and her family were most obliging (Lucy had Penny in the cousin swap). They quickly learned to make it go but the balls do pop out and they aren't good about retrieving them so Mommy, Esq. and Husband have the pleasure. Also, we have other ball items that are close in size so there have been a few jams when the kids do decide to be "helpful" and feed the ball popper. It may be a little "young" for the kids but we get use out of it almost every day.

Little People farm. Cousin Cameron bought this for Ned but it has become Penny's toy. She can make the noise (more or less) for the cow (and will also make them for "kitty" and "doggy" but we don't have those animals). I like this toy so much that I am considering other Little People toys - let me me know if you have any particular favorites.

Play kitchen. Husband found the cheapest kitchen ever - $25. It also took him 4 hours to put together - every piece had to be broken off from plastic connections, sanded down, then assembled. It is also too light and Ned was pushing it on Penny but we solved that by tying it to the baby gate. Nanny April provided some "food". Ned likes to "stir" but mostly just carries items around the playroom in his mouth. Both kids love to open and shut the oven, dishwasher and cabinets. I thought they might be too old for them but I've been surprised how much they both like it.

Cute clothes. Grandma and Grandpa got Penny a cute Puma warm up suit among a ton of other items. Ned got a Buckeyes sweatsuit that he wore while watching the beginning of the Rose Bowl.
Reading chairs. From Grammy and Bumpa (from Marshall's or TJ Maxx and More). I was dismayed about the size of the chairs - how would I fit them in our playroom? But Nanny April made them work. Penny's rocks and Ned's has an adorable footstool. I do fear that Ned will eventually try to use it to climb over the gates but we'll deal with that later.

Musical instruments. Grammy found them at the Christmas Tree Shop.

Books. Penny's early intervention specialist gave each kid a book and they have been big hits - from the series Play and Learn. Penny and Ned can already point out a ball and Penny can point and say "banana". She does get on a roll though and insists that someone read her basically every book in our library - but only if she can flip pages (at high speed!) herself.

Spending time with my kids.

My Little Snuggler


H said...

adorable- hope you have a great bonus day today!

you know that Elizabeth and I were obsessed with our Little People, ahem,until we were way too old. We amassed all of our stuff at her house and had a little people empire. I had the treehouse and the swiss chalet, she had the plane. Her parents had to drop them off to my parents when they moved to Texas. They are like collector's items now. I know Fiona loves hers too. They are much bigger (and I guess less choking hazards) then when we were little.

Sarah said...

We have a ton of Little People playsets - the house, the van, the bus, the airport, the amusement park.... I don't think you can go wrong with any of them! My girls play with them ALL the time.

Nicole said...

Aw, that last photo is incredibly sweet.
Penny is SO cute in her Puma suit! Claire got the same one (in white) from her Grandma : )

Monica Marino said...

Fiona does love the Little People- and Mummy too. I have, I mean Fiona has, the castle, which is a scary bubblegum pink, and the airplane, bus, and assorted vehicles. I quite like the house and the school, of course. They have some really cool things on their website.

Alarmingly, Russ named the characters and then Nana named a bunch and decided to play-act her fantasies, so I used to come home to "Nana" in the airplane with "Fiona" heading to Florida. Alone.

It's a weird way to check up on babysitters, I guess.

ABS said...

Cute pics!

I LOVED Little People stuff. We had the swiss chalet, the yellow house, the fire station, the town, the castle, the garage and probably other stuff, too.

Anonymous said...

We've got a bunch of Little People stuff too... The zoo, the gas station, the airplane, the pirate ship, the fire truck, and probably more that I'm forgetting. Great talking to you today! Love Neddy Bear in the green striped shirt! ;-)

J and J Mama said...

We have many Little People playsets. The boys LOVE the Garage with the ramp. They get a kick out of pushing the cars down the winding ramp....along with any other toys they can find that fit in it. They also really enjoy the tractor (nice addition to the farm) and the airplane. They like the zoo with the ABC animals too. Watch the laundry though, my boys put the little people in their pockets and I find them in the wash.

Unknown said...
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Boston Chef said...

We have that ball popper in the same general as another toy that has heavier slightly bigger balls that they jam in there. They sit there with jaws dropped as they watch Mommy bang the living daylights out of it just to dislodge the bad ball. And we are constantly chasing balls too!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love that pic of you and Ned - too sweet. And talking about cute, Penny is gorgeous in her tracksuit.

Stacey said...

Wow, Penny's hair has gotten a lot lighter, don't you think? Cute toys and I'm very jealous at how spoiled the kids have been by Grammy. I guess it pays to live in the same state!