Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nightmare on MLK Day

Things are moving so slowly on various deals that I took Martin Luther King day (mostly) off. I was able to observe Nanny April in action - see the activities she does with the kids: story time with them in their reading chairs; playing with snow (scooping and stirring) on the playroom floor. Penny likes to stick her toes in the snow. Ned is tantruming for Nanny too which makes me feel better. Nanny April folds laundry while they eat lunch - very impressive.

I also went to the Mall while the kids were napping and snagged a few Gap clearance items for Penny. I have a very hard time predicting her size but I guessed 12-18 month for spring/summer and 18-24 month for fall. Ned has tons of hand-me downs from Lori's boys and his cousin Finn so I am not buying him anything.

I was quite the lady of leisure yesterday - Husband even made dinner after the kids were in bed! Is this how it would be if I were rich? Sign me up!

My "reward" for being a slacker resulted in me waking up covered in sweat. In the nightmare I was in grad school but the dream featured appearances from people I knew from high school, law school and college. It was finals week and I had to take a final in a class I had never been too. I mean, I knew about the class, but had just never bothered to show up or do any of the reading. Shudder.

Clearly this was a stress dream. I'm stressed about a European deal that I need to close on a "no wriggle room" timetable that isn't going well - I feel like I don't know what I am doing and that something will go horribly wrong.

I've bored you all I know. Did I break a cardinal sin of blogging by talking about a dream?

One item about Nanny April is that I can see that we may drive each other a little crazy when I'm on maternity leave this summer. So I'm going to put a small TV up in the new nursery for nursing during the day. Any other suggestions? Based on the number of new moms I saw at the Mall I'm hoping I will get out of the house so much more with just one - at least until nap training starts around 12-14 weeks.


reanbean said...

I've had dreams like that (I wonder how common those are). Usually I'm back in college and someone asks me how I did on the Chemistry final- a class I never took. I realize that I never went to the classes, never did the reading or assignments, and now have skipped the final- a guaranteed F coming my way. Thankfully, I've not had that dream in a long time, but I do remember waking up in night sweats a lot while pregnant.

I hope you deal closes quickly and without problems. Good luck!

Nancy said...

oooh! I had a college dream last night too! Only, I was in my dorm room with my roommate from Freshman year and realized that classes had started 3 days ago but I wasn't signed up for a single one.

The other recurring one is that I haven't checked my snail mail in a few months and can't find my key to the mailbox at the student union. weird.

The best way that my nanny and I get along is that I stay out of her way. You wouldn't want someone coming in on your job and telling you how to do it after you've been doing it successfully for so many months; I'm sure she doesn't want that either. I visit some, but mostly I stay in my room. When the kids were at the age where I was more of a disruption than a quick visit, I tried to not go down at all (timed lunch and potty breaks with naps and outside time). Crazy, I know - but it works.

Good luck with it all - it IS tough!

Momma said...
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Momma said...

I've had that exact dream - it's always the final for Employment Discrimination (after I decided NOT to attend class all semester). Very strange. I hope your deal goes well - and I'm confident that you know what you're doing.

Momma said...

(I deleted b/c my comment showed up twice)

Anonymous said...

I, too, had a stress dream last night involving an accidental purchase of a shabby condo.

I'm sure you will kick ass in your deal!

H said...

I have that dream pretty often- except it's a class I've been skipping or have kept forgetting to go to and will not pass the final. (I think it's always math)
It's so funny because I doubt I ever skipped that many classes but it feels so real!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I too have had that exact dream. In fact, like Momma, mine is also always Employment Discrimination. Except when it's Latin (which I never took in real life, but in my dream I signed up for it and forgot to drop by the end of the add-drop period).

Stacey said...

Ditto on the same exact dream. Except mine was taking a Spanish class and I hadn't studied. I couldn't remember the word for twelve. Of course I woke up and had the word "doce" stuck in my head all day. I blame my work with Latin America lately.

You'll definitely get out of the house more with one, not to mention being more relaxed.

Heather said...

I've had the same dream when under stress. It's the usual "not feeling prepared" dream. Hang in there.

vom said...

oh my gosh, but your blog is horrible. i'm so sorry.

do you think your nanny is so wonderful perhaps because she knows you are broadcasting her performance on your public blog? wow. just...wow.