Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pregnant Pauses

A few key differences and similarities between this pregnancy and my "twin" pregnancy:
  • Olympic coverage. Ned almost ended up being named "Micheal Phelps". Spyder was looking at Lindsay Vaughn last night. The only difference is that this time I am working while watching the Olympics - last time was the end of my pregnancy and I had convinced my doctor to give me 2 weeks before Ned and Penny were born so I could set up the nursery and write thank yous.
  • Physical symptoms. Heartburn started earlier and now it strikes during the day as well as at night. I passed one glucose test but one more to go, fingers crossed no GD this pregnancy. I feel larger, aching back, much earlier despite only carrying one. No swollen ankles or featloves (yeah, winter!). Bad leg/feet cramps are coming into play this time too (I would remark they seem less frequent but then I will probably regret it).
  • Taking a beating. The best part about carrying a singleton is the movements. Every single one of them belongs to Spyder. Last time I would feel a baby and then worry - "which baby was it? What about other one? Is that baby okay? OMG, when was the last time I felt Baby A, I must call the doctor asap." Now it's all "hey, simmer down in there, little lady". But man, it is so reassuring. I smile every time instead of the questioning panic I felt last time.
  • The munchies. I had two pieces of chocolate cake that my mother-in-law made last night while watching the Olympics and working. Two. And no, they were not tiny. Some might even argue the opposite but fortunately that someone was playing video games in the home office and didn't notice. I never got the munchies with my "twin pregnancy". [Gak, hate that phrase but hard to come up with another.]
  • You are going to put your finger where? Last time Dr. Whatscooking checked my cervix every time. And I had 2x month appointments the first two trimesters and 1x week in my third trimester. Every time. Not fun. Found out recently that is not the norm when I commented to my other pregnant friends that it was nice this new doctor doesn't do that.
  • Lack of preparation. This is sort of similar (see the two weeks of bedrest noted above) as last time but this time there is no "stuff" to buy. I have to just go through everything and get organized. Check back with me in May on that one.
  • Two years older and two toddlers more tired. Seriously, having to spend the weekends spending time with toddlers and working while they nap/sleep is kicking my ass. Last time I worked crazy hours when 7 months pregnant but managed to nap at weird times to survive - not possible this time around.
  • Denial. You're going to laugh but I was really prepared for twins. I was prepared for the sleep deprivation, the constant state of survival, the struggles with BFing, etc. But I also had a baby nurse for 6 weeks and was doing something new. Trying this again with just one I feel a bit lassez faire and it's going to bite me in the ass.
  • Delivery options. I've been stressing over VBAC and C-Section since I get an option. I have no desire to be in labor. Period. I appreciate the risks of the C-Section and know the recovery. That said I didn't have to heft around 2 toddlers and get up and down off the floor post surgery. I'm leaning toward VBAC but will probably schedule a C-Section to be safe (of course if I pick June 1st then I'm like to have a C-Section). I am not taking a class, I'm going to run to the hospital at the first sign of pain and demand an epidural. If it weren't for the recovery I would have done the C-Section in a heartbeat.
  • Daydreaming is so 2008. I've had less time to ponder this baby. To think of what she'll be like and how we'll be as parents. I hope maybe I can get some time off before she is born so I can do it - it's like "pre-bonding".

What about any of you who had more than one pregnancy? Are my experiences the norm?


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say congratulations! For some reason I must have missed where you said you were pregnant along the way... or is this the announcement!? At any rate... congratulations! I am working on a third to follow my twins but no success yet. I am imagining the same things as you have listed about no time to daydream and all that. I am totally with you on the vbac vs c-section! You could seriously be quoting my thoughts on how I've been thinking about it if the time comes. Hope you are able to find time for those ever-elusive naps!


Nancy said...

Oh, I totally went for the 2nd C-Section without a second thought. I knew exactly what would hurt when I did something stupid, and the recovery time for me wasn't bad at all. And don't forget that there's recovery time for VBAC as well - sometimes worse if you (sorry) tear! Labor was not an option for me ;)

Wow...didn't realize that your first doc did THAT every time...that's CRAZY!! They opted to not do that for me any time since just checking could set stuff in motion too soon. Strange.

Everything sounds pretty normal :) You'll find that a single kid is SO.MUCH.EASIER!! I never produced enough milk for the twins, but nursed exclusively for latching difficulties either. Probably because I had the time to just focus on ONE thing.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Oh can we please please please have a preggy pic?

Jen said...

My singleton pregnancy after my twins kicked my ass! I got huge -- almost as big as I did with the twins -- and I guess just being older and having so many kids to care for really exhausted me.

I LOVED my VBAC. But then I wanted the natural labor experience. My recovery was fantastic. But I did have a c-section scheduled for the next morning, because I had freaked out and was really done being pregnant.

Anonymous said...

That is odd about the cervix checks every time, definitely not standard. You're going to do great... I think it's natural to be a little more laissez faire the second time around!

You know my biases, so I'm gonna root for the VBAC. BTW, I had tears all 3 times and let me tell you, I didn't feel it happen and only needed motrin to manage the pain, which was relatively minor and almost entirely gone within 72 hours. I was able to be up and about immediately after the births and aside from the short-term soreness below deck, I felt perfectly fine.

If I may offer some assvice or whatever, labor is not scary or horrible. Seriously. It's not. that. bad. Movies and TV have totally overhyped it. I'd take pushing a baby out of my vag anyday over the pain of that effing ear infection I had last summer. For realz. So... If you want the VBAC, hire a doula. If you decide on a c-section, wait until you go into labor and then go for it-- Allowing Spyder to pick her own birthday will ensure she's fully cooked and reduces her chances of a NICU stay. Ok, I'll shut up now, you know where to find me if you want to hear my ramblings. :-)

Nicole said...

I was trying to bite my tongue, since childbirth options are such a personal thing...but then I saw jerseygirl's comment and figured I would at least echo her sentiments. My recovery from natural childbirth was amazingly easy, and that was despite a very long labor with lots of pushing. But regardless of whether you want drugs, a doula can help the birth go as smoothly as possible and can keep you comfortable before you're able to get the epidural. I think a doula would be especially helpful if you don't have the time (or interest) in taking a class.
Anyway, sorry for imposing my views! However it happens, Spyder's birth will be an absolutely wonderful event, and I can't wait to meet her!

JRowe said...

I have no opinion on cesarian vs. VBAC. Should you get a VBAC, let me throw in my two cents for a well-timed epidural. It was awesome.

I also know what you mean by the lack of "pre-bonding" with this baby - I was constantly "pondering" the status of the Duchess when she was just a little polliwog; today, the poor Passenger rarely gets a hello from any of us on a daily basis.

Nicole S. said...

I'm totally with you on the "time to ponder" thing. To be honest, half the time I forget I'm pregnant! Since the morning sickness ended, I haven't had many symptoms. He's finally starting to move around, which is awesome, but none of the uncomfortable stuff has started to kick in yet. At this point in my pregnancy with the twins, I was already seeing a chiropractor 1-2 times per week!

Heather said...

Oh yes. Although it was my first pregnancy that was the singleton pregnancy, our 9-year-old daughter. It was a walk in the park for me versus "the boys". Although I did have killer heartburn with her and yes, she did have a lot of hair when she was born. The boys I was able to tell the difference between their movements so I believed and maybe I could, but I still worried. And I have never had a C-section, so I have no thoughts on that one. I didn't have an epidural either, but my pain tolerance is through the roof. I knew from the delivery with Phoebe, so when I went in with the boys, I told the nurses they needed to tell me if my contractions were strong, because I knew I wouldn't know. I finally did when I knew they couldn't keep labor off any more with the boys, but at that time, the doctor told me the first was crowning and could I please not push..... OK, sure.