Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Toddlers = Teenagers

Has anyone else noticed the similarities between toddlers and teenagers? The whining, demanding tone of voice; eating you out of house and home; and wanting whatever they aren't allowed (TV remote = car keys).

I have taken the next step into toddlerhood this morning with Penny. Both kids have been bears about having their diapers changed after breakfast. This morning I resorted to the oldest trick in the book for both toddlers and teens..........bribery.

I told Penny that if she let me change her diaper I would give her some of the lotion I put on Ned (he has dry skin). So cooperative! Of course then she kept signing for "more" lotion and whining/crying when I put it away. It's easier to redirect toddlers than teenagers. This really emphasizes though how much the kids are beginning to comprehend what we say. Just like teenagers though they are more apt to ignore than comply.

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Susan D. said...

This is the perfect analogy and your house sounds so similar to mine!