Monday, March 29, 2010

Choose Your Adventure Update

Husband here.

Ned and Penny BOTH chose the same option tonight:

If you yell and kick and fuss and refuse to eat any dinner, turn to page 87.

On page 87, unfortunately, their adventure ended with both of them getting plopped in cribs at 6:00 without dinner.

Oh, also, Wife, Esq. was trying to deal with Ned for part of it. He was standing at the door out to the deck and screaming. He badly wanted to go out. Only it's raining and about 40 degrees out. Wife decided "Ha, I'll show you, Ned." She let him out on the deck in his socks. He decided "Ha, I'll show YOU, Mommy." He loved it. Ran around happily for a few minutes until I dragged him back in. Whereupon he started screaming again. And trying to put back on his soaked socks so he could go back outside.

One other funny Ned bit. At one point he was screaming while pointing at the Little People school bus that was on the dining room table. Ah ha, I thought...I'll show you, Ned. I took the bus into the hated play room and left it in the middle of the floor (with the gate open). Ned went as far as the play room doorway, collapsed on the floor, and shrieked and sobbed for a while. Dude, the toy you want is RIGHT THERE.


H said...

Nice try, Aaron! I loved those Choose your own Adventure books- I'm trying to imagine what would happen if you guys just turned to the back of the book:)

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you both still have your sense of humor. . ."this too shall pass". . lots of love, Mimi and Papa

Susan said...

I agree, you both need a HUGE sense of humor because it is trying - especially when tired. Good luck. Ned is a strong personality of knowing what he wants =)

Nancy said...

Sounds like they're choosing YOUR adventure ;)

Too funny about wanting to go outside again. Toddlers. What'cha gonna do?