Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Parenting Emails Can Be Fun

Husband and I courted over email when we started dating - lots of flirting/banter while at work and dating secretly until I left the company. It always impressed me how "formal" Husband was about his emails - proper spelling, punctuation, capitalization even while making crazy jokes and so of course I adopted the same style to make a good impression.

Some weeks we still email quite a bit (news stories, ideas for the kids, weekend planning) but often it is a hurried phone call when I indicate whether I can get home or not. These past couple of months have been tough on me as a working mom and I like it when Husband sends me updates about the kids, just like I love getting Nanny April's text messages and photos of the kids.

Yesterday after pulling an all-nighter for work I took the kids with Nanny April to their 18 month pediatrician visit ... and their MMR&V shots. It was past lunch time (Ned kept saying "yummy?!" for food) and even past nap time by the time we were done so the afternoon and bedtime routine was sure to be a disaster. I had to go into the office and work late. Here is the report that Husband sent me around 7 pm:

Hope you are getting some dinner. [Note: Actually I was on a conference call the whole time dinner was being served in our cafeteria so ended up having to go home by 9 pm to eat dinner.]

Ned was a disaster. He was fine watching TV and having milk. But he wanted none of his dinner, just sat there and screamed. After a while I put him in the playroom while Penny ate. He kept screaming. Stopped a moment, screamed some more. I ultimately left Penny in the high chair eating, took Ned upstairs and put him straight in bed. (Changed him first, but no bath.) That was maybe 6:10. Poor Ned. But he quieted down quickly when I left. I think it was good daddy problem-solving.

Then Penny and I had a wonderful time together. Washing up on the tower, watching a few minutes of TV, investigating the office and watching the fish, then a relaxing bath all by herself. It is so easy to deal with one kid at a time! Diapered and onesied her in the bathroom, then very quietly took her into the bedroom to finish getting ready. I kept telling her, Shhh, shhh! And she would quietly say sssss...ssss. Ned was awake and watching the whole time, but silent. They both apparently conked out when I left the room...almost 7.

Poor sleepy kids. Poor sleepy mommy.

How do you stay in touch during the work-week with your spouse and caregivers?


Stacey said...

So cute! Our email exchanges usually go like this.

Me: Dinner?
Him: Haven't thought about it
Me: Take out some chicken to thaw?
Him: OK

You emails from Aaron are way better!

ElizabethEK said...

OMG Stacey! I am with you! Except with one change:

Me: Dinner?
Him: Haven't thought about it
Me: Want me to pick up pizza?
Him: OK

This is a great post Kristin!

LauraC said...

I just realized Jon and I NEVER email.
When he's not traveling, we share our office so we just turn and talk to each other. When he's traveling, it's all texting since he's in transit, mostly coordinating what time he will call to chat with the boys.

Nicole S. said...

So you did get the tower? Is it worth it? There are 500 things I want to buy for the kids and they all seem to be over $100. sigh.

As for Billy and I, we are probably the world's worst long distance communicators. We talk for about 5 minutes each day on the phone. That's it. We rarely text and email even less so.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

when I was on maternity leave I was very good about emailing D cute stories and pics of the kids. Now, not so much because I'm so busy. I actually prefer to pick up the phone and quickly tell him whatever.

However, we do flirt regularly via email. It's terrible LOL

At work they already know that D and I are email flirting when I laugh in a particular way :)

veterankindergartenteacher said...


Now that my daughter is in college, it is so much easier but we get so lonely for her sometimes. Enjoy these precious days while you can sweet lady! What adorable children you have!!!!

Nicole said...

What a great description of the evening! Well, if you have to be stuck at work, I'm glad you at least have a husband who is such a good communicator : ) I love how he said that it was so easy with just one kid - haha - I guess it's all relative!

Andrew and Connor's Mom said...

My spouse and I do a lot of e-mailing during the day. It is just so much easier than trying to talk over two really loud children.
Also, I e-mail back and forth with my 7 year old's teacher. It is a wonderful way to communicate with her without having to be pulled away from her valuable time with the kids.
Fortunately, I am able to talk directly with the daycare professional who cares for my three year old as she is generally there when I pick him up.

Donna said...

DH and I courted through the email as well because we met on line. To this day our best conversations are over the email. He expresses himself better if he has some time to think about it. I appreciate it when he does think about it. So any time we have something to really talk about - email! Plus the short emails fly back and forth during the day. Phone calls are rare and usually indicate something very wrong!

Max said...

I started following your blog recently (I honestly don't even remember how I came accross it). I'm not a stalker I swear. I'm a project finance attorney at a big law firm in NYC with a 21 month old boy and my husband is a 4th year M.D. resident (I rarely see either of them during the work week). I honestly don't know how you do it with twins. I haven't found the time to update my blog since September and I only have one child! So I just wanted to say "thank you"-- for putting out some inspiration and comic relief for the rest of us working mommies...

AiringMyLaundry said...

We really don't keep in touch. Tom's job doesn't really allow him to e-mail or text.

Lisa said...

We IM on Gtalk almost daily. We rarely talk during the day unless we call each other on the way home from work. The pinnacle of our online parenting was when we were watching our nanny cam together and IMing about what we observed.