Monday, March 15, 2010

Single Parent Weekend in Review

The key to single parenting when exhausted? Distraction! To that end:
  • Thursday and Friday night my folks put the kids to bed because I was working late. According to them Ned and Penny were angels and so much fun.
  • Saturday morning we visited my friend Julie and her daughter The Duchess. I brought bagels and we had coffee and my kids were so well behaved - sitting at a table (!) for snack, not fussing when Georgie got jealous about them playing with her toys, etc.
  • Half day at daycare (too late to cancel when I found out Friday night I wouldn't have to work most of the weekend). The daycare people said they were so well behaved - ate a great lunch, had the whole daycare center and TWO daycare provides for just the two of them. Meanwhile I caught up on a few office items.
  • Back home for naps. We all took an awesome nap and then Ned started his tantrumming. The TV came in handy.
  • My friends Helen and Amy came over and we put the kids to bed (who of course became perfect angels the minute someone else was in the house) and I made us dinner (with salad contribution from Amy) and we watched DVR of Project Runway. Helen even brought me a People magazine and Friendly's mint chocolate chip ice cream. Pregnant lady heaven.
  • Sunday I invited my folks over for pancakes and they stayed until the kids went down for naps which completely tired them (my parents) out. They got to witness Ned's tantrumming first hand.

  • Post-nap it was a short playdate with my friend Kathy and her son Harry. We all got soaked running to and from the car. They have lots of good toys and I think I may have to rotate in some new ones.

  • Dinner was a bit of a disaster but they were angels for bath and bedtime - enough for me to feel like I was a successful parent!

I spent some time really watching Ned and trying to see if I thought there was something going on other than his feeling miserable and lack of language skills contributing to his frustration. More on that to come.

We also had some fun moments like when I got them up for naps and Ned ran to try to open Penny's door (she naps in the guest room) and they both laughed at me and spent time running in the hallway and shutting the doors. We had some tough moments with both kids wanting to sit in my shrinking lap and Ned stealing anything Penny had that looked interesting.

Here are photos (a little blurry) I sent to Husband while the kids snacked on Sunday after their naps. He just got a blackberry and a media plan so now we text. It's almost like we've joined the 21st century.

P.S. Yes, theywill get haircuts this weekend when both parents are around.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Just reading all that makes me so tired.... AND you're pregnant.

They look so sweet with their long hair - I like it like that :)

ABS said...

Hooray to survival and not having to work!!

august's mom said...

Glad you had a fun weekend! Wish I could have been there too!

Stacey said...

My goodness, Penny looks just like we did at that age, doesn't she? Just remember, if you keep cutting the bangs you are committed...that is why I'm letting Cameron's hair grow out and corralling it with barretts, etc.

Anonymous said...

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