Monday, April 19, 2010

Diary of a Stay-at-Home Mom

Nanny April has jetted off on a Caribbean cruise for a week and Husband has to save his vacation time for when Spyder is born so I am playing the role of stay at home mom this week.

Unlike other stay-at-home moms I have called in the troops to help. In part I thought I was going to feel pretty lousy this close to my due date (about 5 weeks to go!) and of course it was a wonderful excuse to ask my in-laws to come up and use the guest room one last time before we convert it into a nursery.

Monday and Tuesday I'm on my own but since Helen is a teacher she has this week off so she's going to come during the arsenic hour on Monday and my mom is going to come on Tuesday during that same hour. Husband is basically traveling all week, as FYI.

I do have work to do for my job (of course!) but I have a few "must dos" on my household to do list as well for this week. Lots to get organized before this baby is born!

Here is a taste of some activities I was thinking of for the tykes this week (just heard it will rain Thurs/Friday, ugh):
  • Aquarium (we are members)
  • Children's museum (never been)
  • Local parks
  • Playdates (including one Tuesday morning with Nicole and her adorable twins)
  • Backyard fun - sandbox, playhouse and water table
  • Arts & Crafts (I assume 10 mins per project attention span) - stickers, playdough, cooking
Here are the things that I am not looking forward to:
  • Determining every menu (usually I just have to deal with breakfast) for what the kids will eat, plus what we'll eat
  • Cleaning up the eating
  • Laundry
  • Practicing patience - it can be hard to have unlimited patience after a full day with two toddlers who are easily upset lately
Good thing I still have plenty of lap room.


Nicole S. said...

We would be more than happy to accompany you guys to the Children's museum one of these rainy days! I'm surprised you aren't members there - I think its much more "toddler" friendly than the aquarium, at least when you have a 1:2 ratio.

See you guys tomorrow!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

You are amazing - even thinking about doing all those things makes me tired LOL

enjoy your week as a sahm

How are you doing with all that baby organising? Clothes and so on...

JRowe said...

The Duchess looks forward to seeing her friends this week! And of course you can call the older Duchess (me) anytime :-)

AiringMyLaundry said...

Sounds like a nice list of activities. We usually just do errands or stay home. Oh, or go to Target ;)

Krissy said...

If you are going to have help at certain points this week, it might be a good time to sneak in some one-on-one time with Ned and Penny. A trip to Target for neccessities and a coffee break is a joy with only one little person. My kids eat up the attention. And your chance for 1-on-1 time will be more challenging very soon!

Have a great week!