Monday, April 26, 2010

Little Bodies, Big Personalities

Being a stay-at-home mom is exhausting. And that is with my in-laws in town (of course that also meant guests which can be tiring in and of itself). I have some "lessons I learned" last week that I will share in the next post.

What amazed me the most during my 9 day-straight interaction with the kids is that they have quite a bit of personality. Some facets are charming, others challenging but put them all together and we have 2 additional PEOPLE running around the house.

Penny: I think she may be OCD - she likes to clean everything. Give the girl a rag and she'll clean the floor, her toothbrush, your shirt, etc. She does let herself get messy while eating so I'm not too worried about it - it's just weird since there is no way she inherited this from Husband or me or our respective families. Speaking of eating, man, that girl can put it away! She's also getting better with utensils. Penny is very much a people person - would prefer to play with you than by herself. She gives lovely hugs. Penny does refuse to wear barrettes or hair things even when given a choice (she'll take both and then refuse to wear either). Stubborn, completely stubborn - and she doesn't really forget when she's mad - we had some 45+ min shrieking bouts when she didn't get her way. Her communication skills are improving every day but when she nods her head yes (basically using her whole body) it is still my favorite. She can focus on projects for longer periods of time than Ned can (stickers are a big favorite) but she is more easily bored by reading (unless she can be asked questions of items to point to) and/or TV time.

Ned: He cries "Mama" all the time but he doesn't really mean me, he just means that he doesn't like that you won't give him (or let him do) x, y or z. If we just dropped him in a field somewhere to run around he'd be happy until he fell over from exhaustion. I love how he snuggles and is so fascinated while watching The Backyardigans. His language has also progressed - "juice" being a new favorite word (joining "TV" and "blue" - what kind of parents are we?!) as well "shoes" so he can go outside. He always asks for "Dada" over the monitor in the morning and nothing makes him happier than seeing dogs at the park. He is more easily frustrated than Penny but he doesn't hold a grudge for as long. Now that he has the run of the house and more outdoor time he hasn't been "reading" as much. He is more willing to do his own thing than she is.

It was a wonderful week getting to know the kids but you'll have to excuse me while I go get a snack and sit in quiet at my desk at work. :)


Stacey said...

I can't wait to see how Ned does with Charlie for our vacation this summer. Charlie tolerates Cameron and much prefers adults. I have a feeling that Ned will be stuck to his side like glue!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Oh, I loved reading about their personalities. But I also get the "going to work to relax" part :)

Wish us luck - we're on our own for 4 days on holiday (vacation) - my friend Nat calls it a "change of scenery" not a holiday LOL

Anonymous said...

Pictures? It's been so long--we have at least 10 gigs of pics for year 1, and maybe .2 for year 2. Love hearing about their personalities. . .and can't wait to know them in person.! Love, Mimi