Thursday, April 29, 2010

Second Time Not So Charming

Blogging is sparse this week as I try to muster my flagging energy level. I'm 36 weeks early next week and I'm only carrying one so why am I so damn tired? Yesterday I had to work from home because Penny had a doctor's visit (nicely cutting into her nap) and I also need to see whether the slight looking damage I caused on the minivan a month or so ago in a parking garage would require an insurance claim or out-of-pocket. Result: damn, cars are expensive; hello increased premiums.

Anyway, I'm so done with working. I was off for a few weeks before I had Ned and Penny but I had gestational diabetes, feetloaves and was carrying twins. I don't think my OB is going to give me early medical leave this time with the absence of the foregoing.

But it is so different being pregnant with toddlers - Ned and Penny want to be picked up when they see me and are jealous of each other. I'm having a hard time getting up and down off the ground as I play with them. There is no lounging in the morning in bed - I have to be up for the kids.

I called a friend of mine who is a stay-at-home and suggested she get some help part time for the month leading up to the birth of her second. If I'm this tired with a full time nanny I can just imagine how she'll feel!

But my brain is also functioning at a much slower pace, making being at work tough too. And not much prep is getting done for Spyder since I'm either working at night (to make up for my slowness during the day) or can't seem to do more than push buttons to work my DVR. How did you other moms cope with this?


Liz Jimenez said...

I hear there are people who don't get quite so beat down by pregnancy, but I sure wasn't one of them.

Also, I'm sure it depends on the personality and age of your kids. I remember 20 months being a particularly intense and clingy age with my kids, which I can only imagine is incredibly hard when you're in end-stage pregnancy.

Kathryn said...

My last month was really hard, too. I shudder to think what my hours were for January (LOW, unlike you, who is working her butt off still). I remember the slowness of mind being particularly disconcerting. I stopped work a week before my due date -- and then the little guy arrived a week early. So much for my R&R! I had such a hard time keeping up with one -- I don't know how you're doing it with twins. Can you take the week before your due date off?!

Shelley said...

I hear ya! That last month was BRUTAL. Plant the kids in front of the tv or do whatever it takes to get through the day....and don't feel bad about it. I just basically tried to make it through the day with everyone somewhat fed, clothed (every once in a while), and diapers changed.

I don't know how you're functioning at work. Hang in there! Oh....and don't stress about doing much prepping. All you need is a few clean clothes, diapers, and a place to sleep. The rest will all fall into place!

jerseygirl77 said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so worn out... I wish I could help you out. :-(

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I think you're amazing! I know for a FACT I would NEVER ever cope being pregnant again (even if I had hundreds of thousands of rands lying around "spare" for more IVFs) unless the kids were about 5. I hope that's when they're totally independent :)

I said to D, "remember the days when I used to be pregnant (last year this time I was about 23 - 24 weeks pregnant)and I could SLEEP for hours every day on the weekend?" Heavenly!