Friday, May 21, 2010

I See a Baby!

Husband here...

Wife is pretty busy being pregnant, and it's making her too tired to blog often. I will try to fill in a bit by sharing a great little development milestone: Penny's first sentence.

When Wife and kids picked me up at work today (long story involving the van being in the shop due to a parking-lot mishap...), they'd just gotten back from the playground. We were going to Chili's for dinner. (Better than I remembered; we'll go back.)

At the playground, there had been some other kids, including a ~12 month old. Wife was telling me about it when Penny piped up: "I see a baby!" Very clearly and very relevant to the conversation, so I assume it was "for real." I'll give her a pass on the tense confusion until she hits 2 years.

I was pretty flabbergasted, and thought it was just awesome, so naturally I parroted it back. And she did the same. We kept telling each other "I see a baby" all afternoon until bedtime.


The Mommy said...

Rock on Penny!

And for the record I think that there is tense confusion much past two... :)

Nancy said...

That's awesome!! Go Penny!!

(And I agree with Jane...Burke and Maggie still have some tense confusion. Not a lot, but some. ;) )