Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Wash Your Hands

Sorry, Ned - waterplay is over for now. Thanks to a catastrophic waterbreak in Massachusetts we are now required to boil water or use bottled water.

We Esqs spent the better part of Saturday afternoon drinking tap water and of course bathing the kids. I hope we all stay healthy.

It's interesting how much we take for granted relating to water. Off to boil a vat of water to wash the kids after mealtimes! Later we'll have to throw out all the ice in our ice maker. I also need to remember that our cat should get bottled water. Lots of interesting facts have been provided - thank goodness for the internet!


LauraC said...


That happened to us when my boys were 3 months old and had their first puking virus (10 days!!). I was literally sobbing on the phone to my friends asking if parenting got any harder because I couldn't take it with no clean water, two puking crying babies, and a puking husband!

I can't even imagine the run on bottled water right now!

Almostima said...

Great shot! :) stay safe!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I can't think of anything worse! Seriously!

We were out of water (burst pipe on the main road) once for a weekend (without babies, before I was pregnant) and it was HELL.

Went to the gym to shower and use loo, to shopping malls for water, etc. Terrible!

Still, VERY cute pic of Ned and Penny looks adorable in your new pic in your header!

ABS said...

Holy cow. I hadn't even thought of the hand-washing, bathing, etc. Maybe you should head up to your folks' house in Maine! Oh, yeah, there's that whole you being very pregnant thing.

Man am I glad we moved before this happened. I don't know if I could handle the whole contaminated water thing on top of wrangling my little munchkins!

Good luck!!!

A. said...

This happened to us a year or two ago (must have been two, as I don't think Lucy was around yet). The boil-your-water mandate only lasted a few days with us, hopefully yours is all fixed soon!

H said...

If it gets bad come to Andover. No ban here. The might Haggets Pond is safe:)

Andrew and Connor's Mom said...

This happened to us recently. The hardest thing for me was remembering not to rinse my toothbrush with tap water.

T. said...

I am finding that I turn on the faucet out of habit! I hope this is over soon...but I am fully expecting it to last the whole week :-( Yuck.

K @ ourboxofrain said...

The switchover didn't happen until close to 7 pm, so you're likely okay if you stopped drinking water/bathing before then. We're using wipes for post-mealtime cleaning and were thankful to discover that one of us had inadvertently disabled the ice maker before leaving for the weekend :)

I'm finding the handwashing, dishwashing, and washing of fruit for H to be the most problematic, just because of how often those things get done and how habitual our practices are. I put a washcloth over the faucet just to remind myself not to wash my hands (well, to wash but to sanitize afterwards) when I wake up in the night.