Sunday, May 16, 2010

Updated: Lawyering Can Be Back-Breaking Work

After far too many hours in my office chair with a huge belly and swollen cankles I can assure my loyal readers that sometimes a white-collar job can be physically demanding. I promise to post a belly picture before I give birth.

Husband and Nanny April have stepped into the breach. Husband even took both kids on an outing today to see trucks (or as Ned would say "Rucks!") and took them to lunch. The very brief periods I've seen Ned and Penny they seem happy and willful - you know, toddlers. :)

All concerned parties are ranting and raving about how I shouldn't be working this much at 38 weeks (almost) pregnant but I feel more guilty about not helping out around the house and with the kids than really miserable about my deal. I can't let down my deal team (the partner certainly sees my giant belly waddling through the office) and very soon I'll be getting paid for 18 weeks of being home with Spyder. This crazy work schedule should be ending early next week and then I'm putting myself on "bed rest" (aka, get the nursery done).

Spyder has been very active this whole time and I actually wonder if the "stress" might not be good for her development. They say that one reason multiples do better than singletons prematurely is because they stress each other out in utero and it helps them develop (especially the lungs). My blood pressure is nice and low so I don't think there is any real risk. I was remarking to a male colleague that women used to carry babies while fleeing from predators and living in caves so surely I can sign up one deal? He thought it was funny equating lawyers to cavemen. Hyper-technical cavemen, I'm sure.


Nicole said...

Ugh - I remember how physically uncomfortable I was those last weeks in the office, and then how I felt miraculously better during my last week of pregnancy after I stopped working and was taking better care of myself! At least you are in the home stretch and it sounds like Spyder is doing great : )

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I was just thinking about you today, that I need to remind you to post a belly pic :)

It does sound like Spyder is doing great :)

Roz said...

Hi there!
I am a Banking&Finance attorney working in Johannesburg, South Africa and a mommy to twin girls! I worked until 32 weeks in my pregnancy and was booked off work on bedrest and can you believe...I still felt guilty that I wasn't at work!!! The guilt that we as lawyers are almost trained to feel is frightening...and it seems that it is a worldwide trend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck for the last few weeks and take it easy!
x x x x

ABS said...

How do you stay awake? Between the general fatigue and the inability to sleep due to discomfort, I was exhausted, and I certainly was not working as hard as you. Take care!!

ABS said...

Oh, and cute pics of Ned and his twin - I mean Dad ;-)

jerseygirl77 said...

Hang in there! You're so close! Love Neddy bear's shirt ;-)