Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2.0

On Sunday Husband and I got up before the kids did (Ned slept until after 7:30 am) and he made us all breakfast and we invited my dad over since he is an early bird. My mom, not so much, so she came after the kids and I napped and put them to bed while Husband and I went to dinner. It's nice that she thought spending her Mother's Day with her grandkids was a present.

I think Bumpa would love it if one of his grandchildren became a doctor. Penny may be in the running:

I actually did most of the childcare on Sunday - took them to the park by myself, made them dinner, etc. Husband did some yard work and went grocery shopping. I really didn't mind but I was laughing a little at all the kids at the park with their dads because all the moms wanted for Mother's Day was a break. I fully appreciate that - especially for stay-at-home moms.

Although it was a fenced in park I did have to be vigilant about my daredevils - even Penny fell off a few high platforms thinking they were stairs. Both kids praticed walking down the stairs, refusing all assistance and Ned has started doing the same at home. It's a bit heart-attack inducing.

At dinner Husband and I discussed baby names and tried to remember what it would be like with an infant again.


Mama Dellach said...

Thanks for the great pic of your dad. I'm glad to hear your mom is still up to her old habits!! LOL It's wonderful to see the pix of your children.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!. . .thank you! and hope you are feeling OK. We think of you all every day. Did Spyder get her blankets? Love, Mimi

Nicole S. said...

Sounds like a nice day, especially the nap part :)

I felt like I got a lot of dirty looks when we went to Brueggers, like "why isn't that mom some place nicer or at home by herself reading a People magazine??" Little did they know that before that we were at Home Depot, buying a deep freezer (my Mother's Day gift). Haha! We all do this day differently, I guess. Glad you had fun!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

great pics of the kids and I can't believe you did childcare the whole day :)

Was that Mother's Day what you wanted? :LOL

susanne13 said...

Looka like you had a great weekend! And I feel you on the daredevil thing!!!!

Stacey said...

Great photos!!

Anonymous said...

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