Sunday, May 23, 2010


As part of preparing for the impending arrival of Spyder, I put together a schedule for my parents who will be taking care of Ned and Penny. It's been a long time since I've posted one - we've been on this one since they were about 16 months old.

6:30-7:00 am: Wake up. They are usually willing to hang out in their cribs to about 7:15 am. They will instruct you to open their shades and sometimes Penny takes a little while before she’s willing to get out of her crib (just like Grammy). Change diapers in nursery before going down to breakfast. [Ask Penny if she wants to sit on potty, Ned too if he is interested.] Leave pacifiers and lovies in cribs before heading downstairs.

Penny gets 5.0 ml of Omeprizole (in fridge) before breakfast.

7:30 am: Breakfast.

7:45-8:30 am: Brush teeth, wash hands, put on sunscreen and get dressed. Brush Penny’s hair and put in pigtails. [Any and all of these things can wait until April arrives.] [Ask Penny if she wants to sit on potty before she is dressed.]

8:30 am (Thursday and Friday): April arrives and will handle everything until 5:30 pm – easiest if she leaves while they are eating in their highchairs.

8:45/9:00 am: Snack. You can do snack on the go if you are heading out (at the park, etc.). Sometimes a kid won’t snack (Ned), which means will be hungry earlier for lunch.

Penny gets 1.50 ml of Pepcid – in cabinet on left. Can bring in diaper bag (doesn’t need to be refrigerated).

11:30 am: Lunch. If you want to do lunch out we usually aim to be seated between 11:00 am and 11:15 am to avoid meltdowns.

12:15 pm: Nap. Change diapers before naps. Close blackout shades. Story in cribs or in room on floor.

2:45/3:00 pm: Wake up from naps. If you are lucky, sometimes they only sleep 2 hours. [Ask Penny if she wants to sit on potty when she gets up.] Leave pacifiers and lovies in the cribs.

Penny gets 5.0 ml of Omeprizole (in fridge) before snack.

3:15/3:30 pm: Snack. Don’t worry if they don’t eat much, just means they will have dinner promptly at 5:30 pm (or earlier). April usually prepares what they are having for dinner while they are snacking to save time later. If you want to go outside later we usually reapply sunscreen. If you are going in backyard put on bug spray (spray on your hands and apply to their face/arms, neck, legs).

Penny gets 1.50 ml of Pepcid before dinner – in cabinet on left. Can bring in diaper bag (doesn’t need to be refrigerated).

5:30/6:00 pm: Dinner. Ned has been refusing to eat. If he is flipping out put him in his highchair but don’t give him any food until he calms down, he’ll just throw it on the floor.

6:30/7:00 pm: Bath and bedtime. [Ask Penny if she wants to sit on the potty before she gets in the tub.] Onsies, PJs, size 4 nighttime diapers (2nd drawer down), sleep sacks (no socks needed); lovies and pacifiers in cribs and a book if they want one.

7 pm: Enjoy a glass of wine. You are tired. J

A few other items of note is that I am having the C-Section on Thursday. Our nanny has started an IVF process and it may be that she will be having egg retrieval that day plus she'll need 3 days of bedrest the following week (when I am home post-surgery). To say that I am stressed about all of this doesn't even begin to cover it. We working to come up with some backup care for the kids since I won't be able to do anything to care for them that involves lifting or being on the floor with them. And for those of you who know me in real life you all realize that this sort of timing is very typical "Esq" luck. All we need though is a nice healthy baby and we'll get through the rest.


A. said...

I'll be there to help on Tuesday, at least. Can't wait to see the whole Esq family, but especially the newest member!!! Gah!

The Mommy said...

Good luck with everything! You've got a lot on your plate right now.

One quick thing, I was able to lift Sarah mush earlier than anyone told me that I would be able to. Like 2 days (still in hospital) post partum. I have photos as I don't remember it. Anyway, I don't remember being in too bad of shape post c-section and I was able to do more for her than I thought that I would be able to. I hope the same for you. That said, you will definitely need all of the help that you can get! [Also, while I was able to care for her and lift her and do things I was never alone with all three of them in the first ten days after I delivered.]

Nicole S. said...

First off, I love the idea of writing up a schedule for your parents. I will have to bring up this idea with Billy for when his mom comes although I get the feeling it may cause a fight between the two of them. My plan is to hide with Matteo and avoid all of it (good plan, right??) Anyway, thanks for the idea.

Second - besides ditching my kids altogether, is there anything I can do this coming weekend? Seriously - I can make a lasagna or something (I'll take requests) or even stop by and help with some household stuff if need be before April gets back. If you need me to run some errands, let me know - your parents might not want to do that with the kids.

Third, OMG I can't wait to meet your little baby girl :) EEK!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOVE the schedule (of course)

Love how you say "Ned has been refusing to eat"

That's my life with Connor - the only things he loves are yoghurt (plain), cereal (any kind) and apple. And provita biscuits.

I'm going nuts!

Don't worry - the schedule will help your family and friends to do the routine like you have it going on and you can enjoy time with Spyder.

P.S. Isn't it hard for Nanny A to go through infertility while caring for the kids?
P.P.S. Do you have back-up babysitters?

Marcia (123 blog) said...

You and Nicole are so lucky to live so close!

Gretchen said...

Oh! Thursday! I so wish I lived closer so I could be of some help... Hugs and kisses to all!

Nancy said...

Ack! Thursday?! I'm not ready ;) hehe

Let me know if I can do anything to help. SERIOUSLY. I'm more than happy to help out (I even have your schedule now tee hee)

susanne13 said...

Best of luck wiht everyone, it will go smoothly and you will meet your newest little one! I will be thinking about you!

Heather said...

Good luck! I love the schedule. Looks like something I would write, except that "the boys" are still on both morning and afternoon naps.