Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goodnight Moon Is Hot!

Husband here.

Wife is getting to have most of the fun with Josie for now. Fortunately, I still have Ned and Penny to keep me entertained.

They are starting to develop quite the sophisticated sense of humor. One of our standard bedtime books is, of course, Goodnight Moon. The other day I was reading it, and getting a little bored with the story. I decided to point out random things in the room. (Look kids, drapes! Ooooooh.)

I thought I'd teach them a valuable lesson, so I pointed to the fireplace in the book and said "Fire is HOT!" Then I touched the fire and shouted in pain and yelled "Hot!" They giggled. I did it again. They guffawed. I did it again. They almost pooped themselves, they were laughing so hard. (Diapers were on, fortunately.)

Ever since, they both love that book, but all they'll do is flip through to each picture of the fire, and say "Hot!" and laugh. The moment we get in the bedroom after baths, they race to the bookshelf, chanting "Hot!" and grab the book...Penny grabs my fingers to make me hold the book so she can read it. And in the morning when they wake up, as soon as I walk in the room, they point to the book on the ground and say "Hot!" and laugh. Occasionally I'll hear them saying it to each other over the monitor.

I'm not sure they quite learned the safety lesson I intended, but at least it's entertaining.

Oh, also, Penny now says "Uhh-guh-guh" for "elephant." It's kind of cute.

(Now an aside: has it occurred to anyone how rich this family of rabbits in Goodnight Moon must be? The kid has a bedroom that looks to be a good 20 feet wide. With a fireplace. And--I think this is significant for the 1940s when the book was written--a phone in the kid's room! And I'm assuming the "quiet old lady" is paid staff of some kind. Finally, there's a tiger skin rug on the floor. Which I imagine would have been expensive. It's also weird that these giant anthropomorphic rodents would have hunted tigers and kept cats as pets. There's a lot going on in that book.)


A. said...

I like to point out to Finn where the mouse is in every page, because he's always somewhere different.

Agreed that these rabbits clearly live in a luxury I am not accustomed to. Though I am glad that my bedtime snack usually isn't mush.

Lisa said...

That is hilarious. I'll have to add some of your techniques to our reading of Goodnight Moon, which happens to be Sarah's favorite right now. Last night when we were reading for the second time, she pointed out all the pictures of the bears on every page which are her favorite animal.

JRowe said...

I have to say that Goodnight Moon is faintly trippy to me and as a result I am highly amused by it. What's up with the quiet old lady whispering hush, anyway? The Duchess was also intrigued by the fire after she learned about fireplaces at her grandparents' house.