Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where Are Those Lazy Summer Days?

Josie and I went on our first Big Firm newborn playdate. Four of us had babies at work (all due in the same week) and three of us were on leave at the same time last time.

Here is Josephine (on right) with Quinn David and Josephine Marie.

It was nice to just sit there and do nothing but chat with moms about feedings and diapers, our respective birth experiences and older children reactions to new siblings. I actually think I'm the most nervous of the three of us - but then again my Josie has been hard to settle at night and between feedings.

I've definitely been trying to do too much since she's born. It's as though I want to go-go-go since last time I spent so much time at home. I've taken her grocery shopping, to the mall, to breastfeeding support group, etc. With Ned and Penny I only left the house during the day once a week for our Isis class starting when they were 6 weeks old.

I also feel as though I should be spending time with Ned and Penny during the day even with a full time nanny. So I feed Josie downstairs and I don't really spend as much time focused on her as I did with Ned and Penny. I need to spend more time with her up in her nursery bonding which was my original plan. She isn't eating much during the day so I spend a lot of time trying to get her to eat which can be more fun when Penny points to my breast and says "Eat! Eat!". And yes, of course I worry about Penny's failure to thrive condition as precedent so I'm going for a weight check and lactation consult on Monday. I also test froze some milk and when thawed the milk smelled bad like last time. At least now I won't kill myself trying to get a freezer stash going or keeping track of every ounce.

Husband was away for three mornings and bedtimes. It worked out okay for me to handle the mornings solo since Josie was eating around 5 or 6 am so I could get Ned and Penny up around 7/7:30 am (I did let them hang out extra long in their cribs awake). Evenings are rougher since I'm tired but I had my mom, dad and friend Natalie come over one per night and that was a big help. Josie was down by 9:00 pm most nights and so I had an hour or so to myself before bed. He's gone for another three nights next week but my mom is going to help out. After that I hope I can start to handle it on my own.

I will post more pictures soon. Josephine has some intense baby acne right now so she's not the most photogenic baby. Below is Josie in an outfit Ned wore with a comparison photo. Doesn't she look just like him?!

Ned at approximately 6 weeks:


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Exactly like Ned!

They are too cute in the matching outfits and how weird/ cool is it that both you and your colleague chose the same name?

All I can say is... you are amazing for even making it out of the house - clearly a singleton is easy!

Take care of yourself and enjoy some down time!

Nicole S. said...

If you need some help on a night when Billy is home, let me know. I am also very impressed that you are doing solo bedtimes and mornings this early on. I will have 5 weeks straight of help (Billy then my MIL) so I hope that will be ample time to get my bearings with Matteo.