Friday, August 6, 2010

Drops of Gold

Josephine Alice is now 10 weeks old. She's a smiley baby, relatively calm and happy. She loves her bouncing chair with the whirling fishes and her playmat. Her eyes are lightening a little so maybe I'll have a child with blue eyes (Husband and I both have recessive blue genes since our dads have blue eyes). Bedtime is a complete disaster for Josie unless we indulge her in the swing. With the third kid I don't worry about tummy time very much - we just hang out and smile at each other a lot.

Unfortunately for Mommy, Esq. my breastmilk dried up. I have no idea what happened - it could have been the antibiotics that I took for almost 3 weeks or some issue when my milk started to regulate but suddenly I can't pump anything and she's refusing to nurse (I've been trying to pump after each feeding). Its been going on for 4 days and I started giving her formula bottles after trying her on the breast. I feel like she's a newborn again. It's really weird - I went from pumping 5 ounces in the morning after a breastfeeding to 1.0 oz and that is if she doesn't eat for 3 hours so it is not linked to a growth spurt.

After some agonizing I decided that we're switching to formula. For my sanity I just can't nurse and pump a million times a day with the hope it will rebound and I don't really want to take any of the drugs that enhance supply. My milk doesn't freeze and I was planning on switching her to formula when I went back to work anyway. I was hoping to eek out a couple more weeks to get us to 3 months but it's become very clear it isn't working. I know she'll be fine on formula but it's disappointing - of course I worry if she'll have the same good start that Ned and Penny had with 4+ months of mostly breastmilk.

It will be nice to get her on a schedule and I suspect that will happen with formula. Well, it looks this is my last breastfeeding post ever!

Josephine had a lovely visit last week in Ohio visiting her grandparents and aunt and uncle.

With Aunt Rachel:

With her grandparents:

In the garden:


Jungletwins said...

So presh! What a cutie. As for breast feeding--hey, you did what you could. You gave Josephine your superior genes, that's more than enough!

Almostima said...

Totally agree with Jungletwins.
I know others will disagree with me, but the BF "benefits" stuff is mostly hype. (Did you read that Atlantic Monthly article a couple of years back? It said something along the line of when you adjust for all the control factors, the only difference amounted to one less bout of diarreah a year)

If it works for you, it's convenient, cheap and makes you happy, great. Otherwise, don't beat yourself up or worry about it. Josie will do just fine!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

My opinion probably doesn[t even matter since all I ever managed was to pump at most 2 oz daily for 24 days.


I have two kids who are never sick. Never.

And a friend who BF her girls for 18 months SOLELY (no formula ever) has girls who are at the doc every 6 weeks for something or another.

Just saying...

The "benefits" aren't always what they seem.

BUT you are looking FABULOUS!

And Josie is a cutie-pie - can't believe she's already 10 weeks

Nicole S. said...

That's too bad about the nursing but I agree with the others - you did what you could and this is just a next step for you all. And boy does time fly! Ten weeks - my gosh! Can't wait until she can meet little Tater Tot.

Elena said...

Josie is adorable! Just to make you feel better, Mirabelle has been formula fed since day one, and I think all of us (her, me and her daddy) have been much happier for it. She's been eating enormous amounts since she was born (36 oz a day at a month old, just to give you an example!) - there's just no way I could have kept up with her demands without losing my mind. Good for you for doing it as long as you did, but in the long run, it's just food. Love, attention and a happy mom are what really matters!

Elena said...

Just wanted to add - yes, formula is great for establishing a schedule. Mirabelle has been sleeping through the night (10 to 5, sometimes to 6) for a long while, and I'm sure it's because she goes to bed with a belly full of formula :)

Donna said...

I'm an advocate of bfing but not an advocate of driving the mom insane with it. Really if formula works better, why not? I am not certain of the benefits of one or the other. I liked bfing, did well with it, but formula was ALWAYS in my cupboard - just in case!