Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tales from OBX: A Boy and His Bumpa

My dad was on grandfather duty all week in Nag's Head. Ned would only go in the ocean with his Bumpa and monopolized his pool time too. Ned stuck to Bumpa's side like glue - or in the case of one of the photos below, his backside.

My dad was smart enough to take a real vacation when we got back - he's spending two weeks at their house in Maine on the lake.


Gretchen said...

Such cute pictures. What fun Bumpa must have had!

FoxTwinsMama said...

I love the pictures! The one where your dad is taking a photo, it almost looks like he is giving birth to his mini-me! Super cute :)

Drew said...

I love it! I am not sure who loves who more!