Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oldest Girl; Strongest Willed

Penny is a fiercely stubborn child. If Ned says "No" Penny reflexively says "Yes". "Stop" "Go". "Mommy does it" "Daddy does it". You get the picture. But unlike Ned she doesn't get upset when she is contradicting Ned - she just keeps going at it while he gets riled up.

She likes to lead you around the house by the hand so you will interact with her. Penny vastly prefers to play with you but sometimes she will busily have a plan in her head that involves moving items from one place to another (random to my eyes).

Penny is very clumsy, sometimes falling down while just standing.

Penny holds a grudge. If you put her in time out for an infraction she won't stop crying and demanding to be out.

And if you ask about an apology - forget about it. She is smart enough to try to avoid time outs by asking for (well, demanding) a hug. She also tries to manipulate you by forcing you to eat what she has on her plate and asking for just "one" of something off her brother's plate if he isn't eating quickly enough for her.

She has a wicked sense of humor - she takes the David Letterman approach of repetition. For example, in I Love You Stinky Face there is a mountain of hamburgers and Penny insists (to Ned's irritation) that they are cookies. She laughs the whole time when you tell her they are hamburgers.

Penny is super helpful. To the point of hindrance. She minds Ned's business as well as her own. It can be sweet when she brings him things but she hasn't quite figured out Ned's range of motion for picking up the toys she brings him. We often keep her occupied by giving her little tasks that make her happy and keep her out of the way when we are tending to Ned. She will bring toys, "cook" food on her stove, "clean up" (singing a clean up song while she does).

Penny is the slowest eater and a messy one at that! She always wants just one more sip/bite when you take her cup and plate after the timer goes off.

With Ned convalescing Penny has started to speak out a lot more. She has more space to run around like a maniac but she doesn't touch stuff the way Ned usually does. We have to be careful not to get used to that. She has insisted on taking showers instead of baths while Ned can't join her. Penny isn't as into the TV as Ned is but she will usually watch about half an hour before she is bored (unless it is Toy Story which rivets both kids).

She is much more into crafts then Ned is and is happy to sit still for long periods of time to work on crafts - provided you are right next to her.

Penny can be pretty focused on anything involving fine motor skills, like stringing beads.

She is very "girly" and loves to carry around a purse on her arm. She mothers her dolls/bears and puts them to bed and gives them tummy time.

She is an expert hand washer - not only reciting the ABCs while washing but getting every crevice clean. I can see her scrubbing into an OR.

Penny doesn't care very much what she wears for clothes but does have definite opinions about shoes and coat and hat. Unfortunately she inherited my super fine hair and so usually it is a mess. Penny insists on a barrette when she wakes up and we do her hair at the kitchen sink but after her nap it is always back to being a disaster.

If you ask Penny to say "cheese" she always scrunches her head into her neck and brings her hands up. It's adorable.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

She is precious! I always say, "strong-willed kids are not easy but they pay off when they're teenagers as they're then the leaders, not the followers"

Does that help? :)

A. said...

Cute pics! You may want to hold off on the "strongest willed" title - Josie's personality is still mainly yet to be revealed! You could wind up with two stubborn lasses.

ABS said...

Great glimpse into the World of Penny! She sure is clever!

Stacey said...

Cameron and Penny have a lot of things in common! You use a timer for meals? How long do you set it for and does it really make them eat more efficiently? Can you tell where my mind is at these days?

JRowe said...

The Duchess agrees that Penny is strong willed but enjoys cooperating with her and doing high-fives.

Heather said...

I love hearing about kids' personalities. They are all different and so cute! And I love that last pic. What a cutie!