Friday, January 28, 2011

Eat This!

I'm not sure why we feel like better parents when our kids eat well. Maybe in our case it is Penny's failure to thrive or finding foods that are clean enough and yet tempting to a boy in a spica cast.

Ned and Penny often refuse to eat at all and Penny hasn't had a vegetable in about 1.5 years (I wish I was kidding). When Ned is upset he flips his plate over and pushes over his beverage. The crumbs, the mess, the hand washing and brushing teeth afterward. It is all a pain in the ass.

Josephine is a sharp contrast. We love to sit down at the table with her. Starting around 5 months we served her purees that she hated and tried to chew. After about 4 weeks (maybe less?) I gave up and just started feeding her real food. I made some myself (pears, apples, sweet potatoes) but she'll eat anything so now I just feed her what we feed the twins, with some supplementing or modification.

Table food this time is so much easier. And since she is at the table anyway with Ned and Penny she gets some. And she eats it all. It is a pleasure and a joy to watch her feed herself any item we put in front of her - broccoli, avocado, mac & cheese, pancakes most mornings (but sometimes breakfast bars), soup, rice and turkey, chicken, peas, green beans, the list goes on. And it is a list that Ned and Penny never eat from.

Josephine is now 8 months old. She says a "b" sound that is adorable, opening her mouth wide to say it. She loves to sleep with her lovie over her face. JoJo holds up her arms to be picked up and never wants to be left alone. Although she doesn't laugh very often or roll, she sits up very well and loves to spend time with her brother and sister.

It's so nice to have one kid who appreciates my culinary efforts. And nothing makes her happier than my pancakes.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I don't know about you but for me it was because bfeeding didn't work (and spectacularly so) which is why I feel so pleased when they eat my food!

Jojo is a joy :)

A. said...

Josephine is so adorable! I remember how nice it was to have a child who just LIKED food, all food. Lucy was fun to feed, too, just like JoJo. Now she still LIKES food, she is just much, much pickier about what she will eat. Hopefully JoJo won't gave to the idiosyncracies of toddler-hood and develop a picky palate.

I guess today is the last official day of your maternity leave, right? You should right a post about how you plan to manage the transition (and then let us know how it goes, though I'm sure I'll just pester you with phone calls until I have all the good and gory details).

Donna said...

Both of my boys loved to eat at that stage. It was wonderful! Now DS1 eats nothing, and DS2 only eats meat. I sometimes wonder how they actually survive and don't drop over from starvation. DS1 keeps asking me why I give him food he doesn't want, I always tell him it is the law. They will take mommy away if she doesn't feed you. Enjoy it with JoJo now, she looks to be so happy in that last photo!

Gretchen said...

Yay for JoJo and pancakes. She sounds so delightful and love the update :)

Stacey said...

I feel your pain about lack of eating. We "branched out" from tater tots and got waffle fries for Cameron today. I wish I was kidding but at least she eats carrots, green beans and fruit consistently. Plus lots and lots of blueberry muffins. Good luck with your first day back tomorrow!

Drew said...

She looks like such a sweetie pie! I think she is very smart, she takes one look at her siblings and says: "Hey, I know how to make my mommy, esq. happy." Some things Joel hates, maybe Jojo will love - garbanzo beans, salmon, hamburger. I wish he ate better too!