Saturday, January 29, 2011

Man Work

Husband here...

Just wanted to share that today I did something with my father in law (or as you all know him, Bumpa) that I never thought I'd do with any man. Or with a woman or even by myself, now that I think about it that way.

I rebuilt a carburetor!

I always thought that was just something they did on old TV shows, but once we got some expert advice from a friend of his, it was actually pretty straightforward. A couple of screws, some awesome spray solvents, and some poking at clogged up holes, and I had a working snowblower again.

It was actually a fun little project. Had I been born a generation or two earlier, I could totally imagine myself as one of those greasers on Happy Days.

Anyhow, thanks Bumpa!


ElizabethEK said...

Wow. Impressive!

A. said...

The testosterone in the air is palpable, even down here in Maryland!

(and I'm impressed, too!)

Anonymous said...

What happened to my son?