Monday, January 17, 2011

Post-Spica Update

Husband here...

Since Wife is falling down on the blogging job, I thought I'd give everyone a quick update on Ned's progress since getting the cast off.

The first couple of days, he pretty much refused to move his legs. Pretty much par for the course, from what we've read. But a little upsetting nonetheless.

By the first weekend (3-4 days after getting the cast off), he was sitting up well.

After a week (so now we're up to the middle of last week), he started crawling on his own, and he would let me stand him up on his feet, as long as I kept my arms around him.

Shortly thereafter, he started pulling up on walls and furniture, and he crawled upstairs under his own power. With us right behind him, naturally. Don't want ANOTHER broken femur.

By this past weekend (1.5 weeks post-cast), he was crawling fast, standing for long periods with some support (e.g., at the train table), and climbing out of a pack-n-play. He even took a couple of unsupported steps to go between pieces of furniture.

Today he started doing a strange crawl on his hands and feet. Bent double at the waist, butt up high in the air. Wife noted that he looked a lot like Gollum. (Bad Mommy!)

In a weird way, so far it's been like a fast-forward replay of the gross-motor progression from about 6 months - 14 months, at a rate of about 1.5 days : 1 month. Little doubt in my mind that he'll be walking on his own by next weekend.

I'm very happy with his progress.


A. said...

Glad it's going well, and that this is almost completely behind you all. You should capture that Gollum walk on film - I'm sure it's very temporary!

ABS said...

Yeah, Ned!

T. said...

So happy to hear! Go Ned!

Jen said...

great news!