Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post-Spica Cast Update: 4.5 Weeks Post-Cast and "Running"

Ned has some oft-repeated phrases relating to his broken femur. "I'm fine!"; "No more broken femur."; "I'm walking!" which have now been joined by "I'm running!" He's not actually running yet but he is walking quickly and even "spinning" in circles. He can't yet walk up or down the stairs but when I take him out of his crib or highchair he will start walking instead of sitting down first.

In all honesty I thought that he'd be back to normal within 3 weeks and it has been 4.5 weeks. The doctor did say it would be a "couple" of months before he was back to his old self but somehow I was disbelieving in that "Mommy, Esq. mind over matter" sort of way. It is possible that his recovery would be quicker if we could get him outside on some playgrounds but the crazy winter storms have precluded that. My husband has been taking him to the YMCA on Sundays to give him time in the water. His legs are still skinny but he's a skinny kid. It is amazing how linked toddlers verbal and physical skills are - he's back to talking up a storm and thankfully whining less (although throwing/dumping toys) when he's upset.

Kids also find their own way to move their bodies. Ned likes to bounce up and down on a largish ball we have in the playroom and climbing on his train tables and couches. He has even tried to climb out of his crib a few times (when we put him there in timeout and he was pissed) but I'm trying to stave that off by sticking him in a sleepsack during nap/bedtime.

He wants to walk when we go out in public and I find myself with the need to explain why he is walking so slowly to strangers. "Sorry we are going so slowly, he is learning to walk again after a broken leg." I know I shouldn't.

I'm looking forward to when he and Penny can run around the house again - I have a sweet memory of them doing so shrieking with laughter and holding hands a few weeks before he broke his femur. Penny makes me do it now and I'd like to let Ned take my place.

This photo sort of sums up the Ned and Penny relationship. Ned pretty much just ignores Josephine- I think his being laid up precluded bonding time.

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Stacey said...

Glad to hear he is talking up a storm again. If it makes you feel any better, Cameron has really ramped up her whining and we are now counting down and doing time outs for it. Good times.