Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Work Break Over; Back to Blogging

I've been back at work for over two months and obviously have not blogged during that time. I spend "quality time" with the kids in the morning until Nanny April arrives at 8:15 am. Then I get dressed and spend an eternity in traffic to drive 12 miles (!) to get to work around 9:30, sometimes 10:00 am. If Husband isn't traveling he puts the kids to bed (gets home around 6 pm) and otherwise I try to get home by 8 pm after they are in bed and traffic has died down so that April can go home and face another day with the monster twins and their happy baby sister. Obviously I have lots to say about how much being back is awful because I am working a ton, including non-billable projects (all you lawyer readers know what a pain that is) and I'm very, very rusty. The market has changed in the last 8 months and I am not up on the new technology in debt financing. But you probably won't find my not-so-very-existential-crisis boring so I'll spare you the details.

Instead, let's talk about two year olds and their senses of humor. Husband is a very dry wit sort of guy. I'm the kind of person who loves humor but often doesn't get the joke right away and is awful at telling them. I wouldn't say I have no sense of humor, just that mine trends toward the obvious.
Apparently I share that in common with the toddler set. Penny loves a good joke. "Knock, knock" I will say. "Boo-hoo, stop crying, silly!", she rushes in with.
Opposites are very funny if you are two years old. "Penny is eating dinner", Penny says during breakfast.
"No, Penny, it's breakfast" Ned yells over and over at the top of his lungs until he slumps in his chair, completely defeated by the joke and the fact that Penny won't do what he says.
Josephine kicks her feet together and reaches for another piece of sausage, shaking her head with a big smile.
How do your kids make you laugh?


Nicole S. said...

Welcome back! Sebastian and collette are starting to be sillier with one another although we haven'tvtried actual jokes yet. The latest thing they do to make each other laugh is yell "green go! Red stop!" in their cribs when they wake up from nap.

Amanda said...

Oh, Ill have to try some jokes with my girls now too! There favorite funny thing to do now is hide, and I play along like a really can't see them under the table or next to the couch and can't hear them giggling across the room!

Julia said...

They just pick random situations or phrases that they find funny. We were at this Carnival party for kids and a little girl their age that they had met a couple of times before came close to where we were and we said "there she comes!". They now repeat "there she comes" or "there comes Fernanda" (that was the girl's name) to one another and find it totally hilarious, both the expression and the fact that they are calling the "wrong" name.

They have played telling people that their name was their sister's too. Because they are identical, they get asked their names a lot so it was not difficult to come up with that one.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

welcome back, stranger!

K and C hide away and try to surprise us (but we can see them) and then burst into giggles.

Or K comes up behind me but she taps on my leg or back if I'm crouched and that's the cue to say to whoever else is in the room, "where's Kendra?" She giggles like crazy and jumps out.


A. said...

We have all kinds of jokes in this house (anything bathroom related is a huge hit, unfortunately), but a recent fave that always gets both kids laughing is not really a joke, it's a song - Raffi's "Banaphone" song. They LOVE it. If you don't have it, you should check it out.

ABS said...

I can vouch for your busy schedule - we work together and never see each other!

My girls are too young for jokes (we still revel in each new word!) Last night, L was sitting in her mini-armchair, and E decided to sit there, too. So, over and over, E would sit in front of L, L would (gently) push E to a standing position and both girls would break into giggles. Another new game is that, when I'm sitting on the floor, one of the girls will go stand behind me, wait for me to lean back against her and then giggle. It's even better if the other girl is sitting in my lap at the time and we go back and forth.

Oh, and the other night, E kept spinning around in circles and then stumbling around giggling. Hubby and I were cracking up.

Cynthia said...

It's so many things these days. Toddlers are hillarious.

Last week everytime Neve would do something that would warrant a term such as, "uh-oh" she was saying, "Oh dear!" That cracked us up just because she's 2.5 and I feel like that phrase should be reserved for senior citizens.

Then there is the "Cynthia, I'm all done" in the morning when she's up and wants me to go get her.

MMM said...

C is 12 months and doesn't say any words we recognize, but talks a bluestreak, complete with hand gestures, and cracks herself up at the end of her stories. We wish we knew what was so funny!

ElizabethEK said...

Am thinking about you. Tough schedule. Good luck.

Amy said...

My kids are still not really saying mroe than one word at a time, so jokes are out for us. But sometime, They will jsut scream at the top of their lungs and laugh, ok sometimes I join right in and we all laugh. They have also started to push each other around in the house and they love it. Like Amanda, my 3 also love to hide and then jump out and laugh. BTW-I can't even imagine your schedule. YOu must be exhausted!