Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Debting to Know You"

I have a work retreat coming up in a couple of weeks. Two nights in a hotel, dinner and drinks, jeans during the day. Sounds awesome, right? Except the whole - still having to work for my clients while there part. Last year I squeezed in 1/2 day at the retreat and spent the rest working.

In any event, as part of our package of information we are required to submit "an interesting fact about you that many people may not know". The triplet thing is way played out (everyone knows) so I have to come up with something else.

To make it interesting I have imposed the following limitations: (1) it must be a fun fact that occurred during my tenure at Big Firm, (2) cannot be an "innate" items (e.g., triplet, family move to Hometown, MA in 1648) and (3) it cannot be something that happened to me (e.g., rode on a helicopter because my son broke his femur). It obviously cannot be something that people know about me (e.g., have 3 kids).





And there you have it folks! After my job and the kids there is nothing affirmatively interesting about me. I have no hobbies to speak of or passions I explore outside the workplace. Sure, in part it is because I never know when I'll have any time, but even those nights I do get home at a decent time I watch TV and do nothing.

People are so passionate about things outside of work. I'm that passionate about my kids (and to a much lesser degree, TV) but I can't seem to find a hobby or interest spark. All hobbies sound like are more work to me - probably because I found something that is a hit on my passion meter.

So I'm going to dig in deep into my past and probably write that I was a Starbucks barista (boring!) or that I hitchhiked in the Pyrenees Mountains (purely circumstantial!).


Drew said...

I cannot find a hobby either. I tried knitting, sewing, and all sorts of crafty stuff and it just angers me. I could never play an instrument, only occasionally read, and feel that although they are my favorite things to do eating and watching tv are not really that interesting. Gardening I can do, but boring. So, I try to pick short one-time things and add them to my bucket list. In the past few years I have ridden a zamboni during a Bruins game, fly fished in the yellowstone river, and gone to many away Patriots football games. You don't have to always been into something or doing something, just plan one cool thing once a year to keep you in check. These things were some of my favorite days the past few years. I am trying to figure out what else to add to the list... travel clearly is a big one, but not possible shortly. I am wondering if trying waterskiing again this summer might be one... You could go with me!!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

You've got to have something - what's your secret passion? what did you want to be when you were a child?

and my failsafe passion question...

if you had all the money and time in the world, no restrictions as far as childcare, etc, what would you want to do?

(after catching up on the sleep and lazing on a beach)

I used to always say, "travel around the country motivating and inspiring people" :)

Maybe your passion is something to do with children/ development/ etc?

A. said...

A year abroad in Argentina and Spain? Pub crawl in Prague led by a man named Mr. Huggie? The fact that you write a blog?

I loathe these kind of things, as you know from the blog posts I wrote about my work's "team building" activity we had last year.

Anonymous said...

you didn't hitchhike those mountains, you were lost and only 13. what about your belly button ring or that you were proposed to in a zoo? Mom

Sarah said...

Me too! I think passion for the kids is enough for now. Maybe I will take up something interesting when they go to college!

Heather said...

Your mom has some good ones. The one I use for stuff like that is that I once had half my head shaved. I was punk when I was younger, which people have a hard time picturing considering I have flowing blonde locks now. My hairdresser has hair colors that change regularly and she's heavily tatooed. LOL