Friday, August 31, 2012

Burning the Midnight Oil

The title of this post reminds me of my old life waiting up all night for partner comments on contract markups that just had to get out the door. In my new normal, last night I got home in time to kiss the kids for bed, grab a bottle of wine and meet up with some other Moms of Twins for Book Club.* 

After getting home at 9:45 pm I decided to catch up with Husband - I've had a few early meetings at work so we hadn't seen much of each other. That lead to another glass of definitely unnecessary wine and lots of Husband-Wife conversations.

Conversations including work ideas, kid stories/nature/personalities, home projects, moving (when? what town?), paying for college**.  We stayed up until 12:30 am talking.

Sure, I'm exhausted today (and okay I have a headache too).  But having the occasional spontaneously talking-for-many-hours night with my spouse feels nice, connecting, hopeful***.

*In a valiant attempt to "have a life" I joined a Book Club - my house is frankly too small/disorganized to host but I did pick a book (Andy Cohen's Most Talkative) and I always contributed wine.

**My co-worker told me yesterday that her son (at a private college that is definitely not an ivy) that she and her husband are paying $59,000 a year for his room, board and tuition. Let that sink in. Image that multiplied by increases and 3 kids.

***Well, except that paying for college part. Hard to be hopeful there.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Future Can Wait

I've been absent. Since Christmas last year. I have no idea why it has been hard to post when I largely have nights and weekends to myself now that I traded a Big Firm for In-House Counsel. I'm trying to sell my husband on the idea it is because I need a tablet or new laptop so I can blog while I go through my DVR. My sister A has shamed me. I pay for this URL so time to put it back in use. You've all missed me, right?

Everyone is putting up first day of school photos on Facebook. Ned and Penny just turned four so we have another year of pre-school. I need that extra year - I am not ready. Not ready to deal with packing lunches, field trips, buses, bullies, homework. How do I fit that into our daily routine?

When they are spending just 3 hours a day in pre-school I know they are usually with Nanny April - they are safe, she fills me in on funny stories, activities, text messages with photos.

So another year just like this year. I'll take it.