Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bacon Smiles

A lot of people went someplace for Labor Day weekend to catch that last little bit of summer. We spent all three days at home. We attempted some bike riding on their new training wheel bikes and ran races in the park but it was a quiet weekend overall.

I often want to get us up to my folks place in Maine because I feel like I focus more on the kids when there isn't yard work or grocery shopping or 8 million other household chores.  Husband, however, actually wants to get that stuff done.

About once a month I make pancakes and bacon for the family on a Sunday morning. We are more the "eat breakfast together" instead of "eating dinner together" type family. I make them from scratch using Joy of Cooking recipe.  As in not using Bisquick. And even though I probably have the recipe memorized I look at it each time anyway.

I like baking because there are so few "substitutions". You follow the recipe to the letter and it comes out great. Awesome carbohydrate-filled treats.

My husband falls into the "figure it out as you go" cook. Experimenting with techniques and ingredients. That drives me crazy - I want to know what has to be done and how long it will take to finish.

I think all people fall into the baker v. "skillet" (for lack of a better word choice) category.

Which camp do you fall into?


Liz Jimenez said...

I'm a recipe follower... until I internalize it. Then I might make variations or substitutions based on other recipes, kind of mix and match. But I always start from a recipe or a technique. Between Cook's Illustrated and Alton Brown, I like to "get" it.

Julia said...

I am definitely a skillet cooker. i do follow recipes, too, but will probably experiment a bit from the very first time. With the kids' food allergies, that even became a necesity, as practically no traditional recipe would fit their needs, and I found the usual ones I got on specialist cookbooks or sites too bland or poor on the nutrition side.

Sara said...

Eh, both. If the method produces carbs, I'm good with it.

I always use the same recipe as well and always double-check, though I like to think it's because sometimes I use milk and sometimes buttermilk/yogurt (which means I have to use baking soda instead of baking powder). But really, we don't make pancakes often enough so I am never 100% sure.

Liz said...

Oh man... I am so a baker. It drives me insane that I can't think out of the recipe. My FIL is a professional chef and to see him just open my fridge and throw together an amazing meal just makes me feel even more like a looser. O well.