Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Family Friendly" Workplaces

My kids came by last Friday for my office Halloween party. Since I live an hour away it was a lot to as of our nanny but she did it anyway. It was fun to be able to show my kids off. They are at that age (especially Josephine) where it appears to outside observers that everything they say or do is adorable. I'm not sure everyone would have that opinion were they to actually try to put all three to bed but they are good kids so I'm happy to have co-workers tell me how adorable they are. I usually agree.

Josephine went up to my boss as said "Bzzz...bzzz. I sting you!" Ned said "Choo! Choo!" and Penny said "I'm a fairy!" and fluttered her hands.

My current job has lots of face time - people just don't work remotely. It makes my commute a daily grind (I spend more time in the car than with my kids). I did know the commute would suck before I took this job so I try to focus on the upside. I still do the "morning" with my kids - our nanny comes at 8:15 am like we did when I worked for Big Firm. I get to work by 9:30 am and usually leave around 6:30 pm so I often get home in time to sing the kids a bedtime song. My boss is flexible with items (like Halloween!) that require me to leave early. And honestly, I hardly ever work at night - after dinner is made for us grown ups I just veg out for an hour or so in front of the TV. I bought a book on freezer dinners to try and get my act together better about dinner - it would be nice if we could eat right after the kids were down for bed instead of having to make dinner and eating close to 9 pm most nights.  Obviously I would still have to get up early to do any exercise so that hasn't happened yet.

I keep telling myself I'm "transitioning" but I've been doing this for a year now so I'm trying to get my act together on the meal and exercise side of things. I'll keep you all posted.

What do you always tell yourself you'll be better about but always find yourself failing on?

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Gretchen said...

The exercise thing for sure. When Philip moved in, I was great that first week (getting up in the morning for a run). But now I'm so tired at night that I have gotten out of the morning ritual which I really think makes me more tired. Cycle I need to break out of. But now it's cold and dark in the morning...hmm...