Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You Had Me At "Free Hot Dog"

Husband has been traveling 3 nights a week for work the last few weeks. Since I work at home it has been manageable - especially since with my part time status I can stop working at 4:30 to grab the kids from daycare and do something fun.
Yesterday I decided we should go get library cards after I picked them up at "camp" (the lies we tell our children and ourselves to avoid saying "daycare").

The town center has a big outdoor mall - very new and trying very hard to be charming. It's well planned. In one green space the parks and recreation department was celebrating national hot dog day by giving away free hot dogs. Despite spoiling their dinner we had to get one each!

Signing up for library cards was a bit hectic (I of course had to fill out 4 forms). Does anyone else think that libraries are too quiet? I felt like my kids were too rowdy and they aren't really rowdy kids - it's amplified by the hushed environment. And I'm always worried about forgetting to return books or if the

kids lose them. Penny picked out a book of math riddles, Ned a Magic Treehouse (but he doesn't like that there are "so many words") and Jo one about bees. I already can't locate 2 of the 3 books in our house.

We had "lunch" for dinner which they enjoyed and it was easier on me - a medley of grill cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, apples, grapes and 1 carrot each that only Ned ate.
I can't help but think though when I yell at the kids (the dawdling! the dawdling!) that Nanny April had more patience than I do. I'm working on it.


Sadia said...

I find some libraries too quiet. There is the rare library that embraces childhood. Whenever you do make it down here, if you have time, we can visit the library in Georgetown. The kids' area is for play as well as book exploration. Even loud play. It's a good option for when it's too hot to play outdoors.

Elena Doucette said...

randomly found you on the blogs. Please tell JoJo that a little friend of hers was missing her this week!!!! Elena aka katie's mom