Monday, September 23, 2013

First Week of Fall Roundup

Signing About the School Time Germs

I knew schools had germs but I've never been that fastidious with my kids and Ned and Penny did go to pre-school so I figured our germ transition to elementary school would be painless. Ha, ha. Since school started a month ago we've had the following illnesses:
  • Stomach bug: Penny and Jo. Penny's was the first weekend after school started, Jo's was this past Saturday night. Both girls managed to use the wastebasket we put by their bedsides for round two and required no missed days of school, just missed Mom and Dad sleep time.
  • MRSA & strep throat. Ned had some dots on his face (clearly not bug bites) and his nose was bloody for 3+ days each morning (just kind of oozing) so I took him to the doctor. Well, not the doctor because you have to be "established" to get evening hours and a real doctor to see your kid. And how do you get established? By a physical that you can only have once a year per your insurance company. Grr. But the nurse practitioner was nice and she said "oh, probably a staph infection" we'll give him antibiotics and that cream you have for Jo (see below) will work. We'll just "check" for MRSA. Fast forward 3 days - yup, MRSA. All we had to do in addition to his antibiotics for 10 days was a stronger cream that all three kids are on (in their noses) for 7 days.
  • Yeast infection: Poor Jo kept complaining her "bum" hurt. I took her in because I thought I noticed some discharge and yup, yeast infection. I figured it was from the bathing suits they wear so much on the weekend. Luckily next time I don't have to take her or Penny in, I can self diagnosis.
  • Random fever: Jo was sent home from preschool with one and of course that meant I had to keep her home the next day even though she was totally fine. Thankfully that coincided with Ned's missed day a la MRSA and our afternoon nanny was able to watch both for me.
Penny is sad because she is going to see the ENT today (she's been snoring again for last 6 months - did you know adenoids grow back?) but isn't missing school and Ned and Jo got to miss school. Side note: Do you know how freaking hard it is to get appointments after school hours? I told her she could win the "perfect attendance record" if she goes to school every day. God, I hope there is one. And that I don't ruin it by taking her on vacation somewhere.

Is it Fall Yet?

The weather is FINALLY starting to be a little cooler in the morning. However, sweatshirts are just one more thing for Ned to forget at school so for now I'm telling them that they don't need a jacket. It's 85 in the middle of the day, for goodness sake!

They did have a Fall Festival at their elementary school last weekend. It was far and away the nicest elementary school fundraiser I've been to. And it was just for their school (they are 4 other elementary schools in town). There was a petting zoo, miniature horse rides, 5 bouncy houses, some sort of ball you get inside, princesses, each grade did a song (Ned didn't do it of course), games, princesses and face painting.
Can you see Ned in there?
Penny shook her tushy on the dance floor. I hope she is always this enthusiastic and never embarrassed about her dancing.

We also checked out the Fort Worth Zoo which was nice. Not as nice as the Columbus Zoo but a little more interesting than Franklin Park or Stone Zoo in Massachusetts. A few weekends ago we went to the Fort Worth Science Museum which was great - especially if you get there when it opens. So many kids have sports/church/etc. in the mornings that we've found if you get there when something opens then you have the fewest crowds.

What about Mommy Esq.'s Hunt for Friends?

Excellent question. I've been working hard to make friends with a few moms in my neighborhood. I'd love to skip to the part where people are all "hey, I know, let's ask Mommy, Esq." over/out/whatever. It took me years to make those sorts of friends in Boston and I'm impatient and lonely here without any. Since I put some of the weight I lost back on when I went off the Ideal Protein program I'm back on again which means NO ALCOHOL. Did you know alcohol is a social lubricant. Yeah. So there's that.

Women here work HARD to look good. At preschool drop off at least half the moms are in workout gear (if it's their youngest kid). And when Husband and I went to a fundraiser for the schools a few weeks ago I was amazed at hair/makeup/figures/clothes (I made a much more comfortable shoe choice and was happy about that by the end of the evening). I'm impressed how these women fit it all in. One mom in my neighborhood wears real clothes and makeup to the bus stop at 7:30 am. And she stays at home with four kids (one of whom is a newborn). I bet Husband would be tickled pink if I did all that plus met him at the door with a martini but that is just not how I roll. I can't even do it when I work part time at home all day.

Husband has also been working a little to make friends. Same goes for him planning weekend activities and actually taking the initiative to feed the kids, etc. Of course the uncharitable side of me would be annoyed that he is making an effort here when he didn't in Massachusetts but I'm trying to bright-side. Wouldn't you know the night he goes across the street to hang out is the night Jo puked twice and I was left cleaning it up solo because he had turned his ringer off on his phone. He has been traveling 3-4 nights a week but he's trying to get his work schedule to travel only every other week. With all the kindergarten homework (more on that later) it really takes two parents at night. And he's flying to NEWARK for his client. And the "no way to get there easily from here" situation that it presents. If we lived in Boston he'd only be gone 2 days at a time. Oh, the irony.

Overall though things are going well. I like working part-time but am keeping my eye out if the right opportunity presents itself. I refuse to drive into Dallas so it will probably be a while before anything decent comes along. I'm planning on going to my 10th law school reunion and I've been attending lots of Association of Corporate Counsel events in the DFW area. Last one was at the Four Seasons and I got pool use and a free spa treatment.

Let me know if you're interested in hearing about anything in particular about moving from New England to Texas or the Esqs generally.